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Decide before you know the path…

My video: Decide before you know the path… can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Decide before you know

How to win?

My video: How to win? can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: How to win? ( If we want

How to become creative?

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Do you like become unstoppable?

My video: Do you like to become unstoppable? Do you want to change your life and become unstoppable? Do you

Healthy Sex

Love each other and do what you like at best. (Bible) My video: Healthy Sex , on YouTube We

I can’t die, I am Energy…

I can’t die, I am Energy… the last words from A. Einstein. My video: I can’t die, I am Energy…

Slow down.

There was a guy who want to learn an Asian martial art. He went to the Shaolin master and asked

How to get our life back…

How get the fascination of every moment in our life? Think over, You have only to live 1 day more….

Leveraging on the past.

The more we remove the pain of the past, so more we gain in the future. And this is true

Why we need a life story that serves us? We all are identified with stories that we think are true

Why spiritual people fail…

This looks first weird, because spiritual people should have the grace of God for there doing…. Actually every religion teaches

What has this to do with myself?

If we are getting upset, angry, sad or fearful, then we think that another person, circumstance has caused that and

How to become intolerant?

How to become intolerant? Simple rule: If we adapt a new life rule, then we looking everywhere that verify our

Be total!

Be total! That was the message from the greatest people in the world, Jesus, Buddha, Thomas Edison, Osho, … If

Be yourself!

Be yourself! Or don’t pretend to be something different…. When I was a child we were playing to be mother,

Relax now!

There was in Greece a fisherman sitting under a tree and was relaxing from the morning fishing. A rich foreigner

Why drinking coffee?

If you go through Google and look for the benefits oft Coffee you will find them… For sure it is

For ever young

How we can remain young? We are making things that are fulfilling, also not everything is fulfilling… We release continuously

What is bad about sex?

What is bad about sex? 1. Judging,- Every thing is just so, nor good or bad …. We make it

Is There A Free Will?

Is There A Free Will? “You can’t will what you want.” (Schopenhauer) The sentence above looks weird at first, doesn’t

What is the the cause of diseases?

The cause of diseases are ignorance (Buddha). Ignorance means here, that we are not aware of our suppressed negative feelings,

The radio is more dangerous….

The radio is more dangerous than a nuclear power bomb. (Albert Einstein) Albert Einstein saw that the government had a

Chose health or go to the doctor!

Chose health or go to the doctor. According to the groundbreaking 2003 medical report: Death by Medicine, by Drs. Gary

What is greatest breakfast?

What is greatest breakfast? How to have a great breakfast or snack that is so healthy… For the breakfast make

Fear of negativity

Fear of negativity What we take in can’t make us dirty only what we give out can make us dirty…

Eternal friend

Eternal friend We all are getting attracted to certain people and then we want to be them as our friend,

Be Happy Now!

Be Happy Now! Never condition yourself that you can be happy only when you have/got/achieved something… You can be happy

Perfect children

Perfect children When I was growing up our parents were continuously complaining about us…. And then they were giving us


Self-righteousness Our mind is designed to go always outside for looking of mistakes, what is wrong in order to protect

Loosing Face

Loosing Face Imagine you build up a great life, with high prestige, you own a good car, a house, and

I can not

I can not When I was growing up, it was not possible, without abuse to say “I can not”… Why?


Karma Never think over Karma, because it is indescribable and lead to madness if you think too much over it

Beyond Words

Beyond Words Do we need really to express everything in words or should we go beyond words? Everybody is defining

Perfect life

Perfect life Our life is perfect if many parts of our life are not working out and we are happy.


Why can’t we get what we want? When I see all these fast fixes, that never helps, like Western medicine,

Confidence as a leader

Confidence as a leader What is, when you are in a situation to lead people, even you are scared? Normally

A reason to live.

A reason to live. There are great stars, – pop stars, actors, football player pros,…- very successful people…and people who

The best Boss

The best Boss is father and mother to the same time. He cares more for the people then for his


What kills more then: MUST, have/has to or should do. Forget them otherwise your life will be ruined… Better to


Love We want love and then we are going to the wrong people and suffer, or we chose the wrong


Money…. We all need it, and mostly of all have a bad relationship to money… We are in relationship with

work hard to become successful?

Is it really necessary to work hard to become successful or not? I have seen people who worked very hard


Does Vaccines are really helping? Who they are helping…? What are the benefits and who benefits from them…? The recently


Why is Detachment necessary to get our Goals and desires fulfilled? Imagine you are waiting on your new girl/boyfriend, and

change our life

Should we change our life in order to fulfill our dreams? As a spiritual being I belief that everybody has

What matters?

What matters? Your car, home, income, position, success? After a survive the availability of material resources was 9 times less

How we interpret something

How we interpret something and how we misinterpret something… From this depends our happiness… For instance I saw on the

Change our life with forgiveness

Why we can’t change our life and become better if we don’t forgive ourself. I went through quiet a lot


Sleep exercise : Gratitude: Sit on your bed before you go to sleep. Think what you are thankful about ….


WHY WE BEHAVE OUR WORST TO THE ONES WE LOVE MOST? The Srimad Bhagavatam is saying that we can hate

Why we want always more?

Why we want always more? Maybe we want a substitute for what we really want, and can’t get it? The

be selfless

Is it possible to be selfless? We all are doing everything out of our self interest, be it good or

Positive Thinking

What is the difference between positive thinking and constructive thinking? With positive thinking we try to avoid negative thoughts, feelings

Different of Hypnosis and Meditation

What is the difference between Hypnosis and Meditation? Hypnosis is using the different states of the brain to change the

The Art to be an egoist!

The Art to be an egoist! You think now very bad about me… that I will motivate you to become

miracles happen

Yes miracles happen when we are open for new opportunities/solutions and just work continuously in small steps, without fixing our

How to improve our relationships

How to improve our relationships? We all have negative feelings gathered inside of us, against our love ones/friends … We

To enjoy life is exhausting

To enjoy life is exhausting and to suffer is easy! Why If we like to enjoy our life, we must

Identification is sorrow

Why is Identification sorrow or a big obstacle in our life. If we are identified with: what we are; what

What to do with jealousy?

What to do with jealousy…? In Thailand over 60% people get killed, because of jealousy. The reason is, that the

How to boost our Immune system?

How to boost our Immune system? Love Happiness Enough sex Massage Enough exercise Chi Gong and Yoga Meditation and prayer

Healthy Food

Healthy food Do you know that 33% of the Americans have Cancer, Diabetes or severe Heart problems… The cause of

Learn to criticize yourself

Learn to criticize yourself, then miracles will happen. Why? If we know, what we are making wrong, only then we

Learn To Relax With Meditation

Learn To Relax With Meditation even in the worst times in this free meditation course for one year. Do you

Love yourself can’t be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Self Love ( In this turbulence time, we lack on love.

Are our rules all necessary?

For what we have our rules? Are our rules really all necessary or harm they us? After a research from

Learn To Relax With Meditation

Learn To Relax With Meditation even in the worst times in this free meditation course for one year. Do you

The law of relativity and judging

The law of relativity and judging. Our mind is continuously comparing everything with the past, regardless if this makes sense

Why we procrastinate.

What we can do when we procrastinate? We have inside of us an inner child (2.5 years) that want playtime

What is mindfulness?

What is mindfulness? Is this to control our thoughts/feelings and to suppress our negative thoughts/feelings? Is this simple to be

Green Smoothies

What is delicious, easy and fast to prepare and total healthy? It is made within minutes… consumed in minutes. It

We push our energy upward.

What happens if we push up our energy from our lowest part of our body to our heart/heart chakra? The

For what is meditation?

Is it the fast fix? Is it a method that makes you happy and forget your problems. Like a drug?

What to do when we are angry?

We should embrace our anger! What we resist/reject that persist and even worse will grow. One of the best Therapist