DON’T Makes These Mistakes When DATING…

What is the biggest mistake to find your spouse/darling?

The concept that you don’t have to do something or to learn something like dating to find your ideal partner is wrong.

The concept it is enough just being yourself is wrong…

If you don’t learn the business or the skill for your job or update your skills, then you are out of business after some time…

It is not enough to have confidence in your business, you have to update your skills otherwise the competition will get your business or in this case your dream partner…

One quality can make you attractive, and sexy.
But that cannot keep the relationship you need more.
For instance, ambitions…

It is not enough to have only ambitions…
But ambitions to enjoy life,
or ambitions with spontaneities and adventures. – That is sexy also in the long-term relationship.

If you focus only on one quality like ambitions, then your life will be crippled. – You have a complete imbalance in your life.

Your reliance on a key strength that you have, gives you confidence, but it will cripple your life.

How to be strategic in your dating?

To find a good end to your dating…
And that is crucial!
This means after teasing and having fun. You say that was the best night that I had, but I have to go now… I will call you…

The scarcity not to get that guy makes her horny on that guy!
Such a guy becomes not an attraction, but an addiction!

Why was it so difficult to be separated?

Because many of your habits were fitting to her habits, – we call it pairing.
If you lose the other guy, you are missing her habits of her that were matched to your habits.
So more unique pairings you have with the other guy, so more difficult to separate and so more afraid you are losing this guy.

This means, to get a lasting relationship you need to have those unique pairings with your spouse.

Why is the divorce rate over 50%?

1. Divorce is normal and accepted.
The bad stigma of divorce disappears.

2. The passion for sex to excite the spouse is going down, and also the personal interest in a long-term relationship.

3. People don’t marry with the correct view of the future.
For a long-term relationship, we need many things in common to keep the relationship alive.

4. The thinking, I have chosen the wrong person.
In a relationship you should have desire and love, only love is not enough.
This means I want to know what you think, and feel. I want to go close to you. I want to know your friends. All those are desires.
Desire is the space between two people, the void.
Desire creates love.

My Video: DON’T Make These Mistakes When DATING.
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