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True Love

blackgreysmallTrue love is a love that is independent of our desires... Nobody has to fulfill anything for us to love! In this group, we free ourselves from our negative suppressed feelings, so that true love is possible. We had true love as a baby, so it is also possible now. For sure, we will also free ourselves from our problems in our relationships we are in right now, so that we start fresh again with our love.

True Happiness

speaking1What is true Happiness? Happiness without any reason, just for free! Every baby has true happiness, and then it gets conditioned from a society that it can only be happy for a reason! How ugly and unfortunate! Our negative suppressed feelings, our conditioning from our childhood, and the fact that we are disconnected from our spirituality are the reasons why we can't experience bliss and real happiness . In this group, we free ourselves from these obstacles, and then we learn powerful techniques to connect with our inner happiness and bliss, even in bad situations. Actually, we only need to eliminate our negative feelings with EFT and to raise our energy from our lowest chakra upwards to our heart chakra.


If we are rich, then we can give, or we remain a beggar.

In this group we free us from our inside obstacles, that was the hindrance to getting wealthy in the past. Our life is nothing else than a reflection of what is inside... I strongly recommend the book "Mind over Money" from Brad Klontz and Ted Klontz that explains with many examples/cases why we are in this situation that we are right now.

2 day Group
2 day Group
Thank you for ordering this group. I am very excited to see you in my group. You will see how easy it is to open up your heart and feel your love inside of you. And then your life is blooming.
5 day Group
5 day Group
Thank you for ordering this group. I am very excited to see you in my group. You will see how easy it is to open up your heart and feel your love inside of you. And then your life is blooming.





True Meditation

rudimedversmallTrue meditation is to watch and let happen.

When we are full of tension or suppressed negative feelings, then for sure we will experience this also in our meditation. In this group, we free ourselves from our stress and negative suppressed feelings, and then we find the stillness, serenity, and bliss inside of us. Then with Japa, we can connect with God... But this is not enough.... We learn powerful Tao techniques that we can use to ground our negative thoughts and experience bliss even in stressful situations.

Connect with God

lookingWhy we can't connect to God? Why we can't love God?

Again, negative suppressed feelings are blocking our connection and love to God. In this group, we free ourselves from our suppressed negative feelings, and then we can sing and dance with devotion to God... How beautiful and how easy it is, to do this with a group who is longing for God!

One Day Group

Your spouse, brothers, sisters and kids (16 - 22 years old) can attend the group for free.

1 Day Group
1 Day Group
Open your heart, let your problems go and really relax, so that you feel your love inside. We let go of our tension and negative suppressed feelings with Bio energetic and with Chi Gong we open our heart and ground our negative thoughts. Afterwards meditation is easy and singing and dancing in bliss...
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I spent over 12 years at meditation retreats where I was always blissful. I lived for 10 years in India, and my deep meditation was very popular. All I need to do is to repeat the name of “God” like Krishna, Kali, Shiva, Allah…to become blissful and go into a meditative state. I’m also a body and feelings orientated therapist, and the author of the book: Enjoy Your Life Now! Over the past 30 years I have tried out many techniques from the east and the west, including the best Tao, Sufi, Tantra, Zen, Osho, and Bhakti yoga techniques; EFT, Bio Energetics, and Encounter. I teach the most efficient techniques to help you become great at Meditation, and to make you truly happy and connected with God.

Let’s say you are very upset.

1. You meditate 5 hours; will the anger still be inside of you?

Yes, it will.

2. You chop wood or box and kick a punching bag filled with sand hanging down from the ceiling, with all of your power for half an hour; will the anger still be there?

No, it will not.

3. First you do your boxing and kicking for half an hour, and then meditate for 30 minutes, will be your meditation be much deeper than the 5 hour meditation in the first example?

Yes it will. I ask you:

Is it possible that we have already gathered enough anger, sadness, depression, and fear inside of ourselves during our whole life?

Yes everybody has! Is it possible that this is the reason why we don’t have serenity, calmness, and peace in our mind, great relationships, great intimacy, love, a loving connection to God, a lot of money, good health, and everything else we truly need….?

Yes it is. I had a very abusive childhood, I got beaten up and abused nearly every day as a child, and was close to suicide so many times; nevertheless, within 2.5 years, I gained the Kundalini, true happiness, and a personal relationship with God, even as an atheist… all through these techniques that I teach.

If I could do it, do you think that you can do it too?

Yes you can! … Read www.ask-rudy.com/about .

You will learn to meditate easily and have fun… with the best techniques from me and Osho www.ask-rudy.com/meditation1

I want you to gain:

  1. Greater Spirituality
  2. True Happiness
  3. Better Relationships
  4. Improved Love and Intimacy
  5. Better Health Greater
  6. Control over Your Money and Wealth

(Do you think that this is a contradiction? No, because if you grow inside, the outer world will follow).

The best way to achieve everything that I have mentioned is to just open up your heart and then practice meditation. Divine love and true happiness is there. You see, our negative suppressed feelings are the reason why we can’t meditate, why we can’t find true love, why we are not happy and fulfilled, why we don’t have enough income, why we have no inner peace, why we are not healthy, and why we don’t have the life what we want.

Our feelings drive our thoughts, so actually 80% of our thoughts are fear driven and this is 100% proven by science. If this is true, doesn’t it make sense to reduce our negative suppressed feelings?

Yes, it sure does make sense! I have found it most helpful for all people to use body and feelings orientated therapies like Bio Energetic, Encounter, and EFT to eliminate our negative suppressed feelings, which are driving our thoughts, so that we can get fast, and great results from our mediation, so that we find inner peace and serenity, and for sure get back our love. And then we are doing the best Tao-techniques to experience bliss and to ground our negative thoughts. These Tao- techniques will raise our energy from our lowest chakra up to our heart, or even to our crown chakra, and through this, everybody will experience bliss. Actually every baby uses these Tao techniques and experiences so much bliss…. So for sure we can relearn these Tao-techniques easily. Read More Here: www.ask-rudy.com/thebest/ Then we are ready for Japa, devotional songs, and dancing in bliss.

I ask you, is sex really so bad for our spiritual religion path?

No it isn’t, because if we abuse sex, then our energy or Kundalini from our lowest chakra cannot rise upwards. If our energy rises up to our heart chakra, then we can experience bliss. Actually 33% of our energy is in the lowest chakra. We can use our energy from our lowest chakra, as mentioned before, to get bliss and even to heal our body. Abusing sex is nonsense, it will never work for most people; even I made this fatal error myself, and lived for 10 years in celibacy, until there was no chance to cure my back problems anymore. I had to leave India. My discs had been broken through an accident, and then I rebuilt them through these Tao techniques that I teach. For sure I want you to enjoy sex, and I hope that you have a great intimate love relationship.

What do a great love relationship and a great intimate God connection have in common….? Where there is love, there is God! (Bible) In book one of the greatest Sufi (Attar) “Conference of the Birds”, Attar describes great worldly love relationships, and shows that this is the path for God realization. My personal path was exactly so, it started with my first God experience in a great Tantra relationship. Read More Here: www.ask- rudy.com/God

In a healthy body there is also a healthy spirit. (Read more in my out coming book:  Heal yourself). Spiritual growing goes hand in hand with becoming healthy…. What is the reason for most diseases? What is the reason that we don’t like to do physical exercise, and enjoy eating junk food and taking drugs? The reason is suppressed negative feelings. And for this we can also use body and feelings orientated therapy to eliminate them. I care very much for our health, so for that reason, I incorporate great Tao- techniques and body exercises into my work.

Actually my fundamental spirituality is based on Bhagwan/Osho. I have enhanced the Osho Spirituality Path with the personal God relationship, along with the best Tao-techniques, Bhakti (Hindu) yoga techniques, and the very best psychology therapy EFT that I could find. To Read More: www.ask-rudy.com/EFT