Rudi Zimmerer

Enjoy your life now!

Change your life with powerful techniques from East and West.

Meditation & Qigong Meister, Therapeut, Lifecoach and Autor

  1. How would it feel, if you could go directly in Meditation?
  2. How would it be, if you could relax even in your worst times?
  3. Do you like to experience bliss in Meditation and in Qiong?
  4. Do you want to surrender to God?
  5. Do you want to be in total love with your darling with the help of Tantra?
  6. Do you want to live long (over 100 Years) and to remain vigor until the end?
  7. Do you want to have one or more of the above skills, then change your life!!!
  8. Are you ready to change your life?

If you are willing to change your life and to do everything to get there, only then I can help you….

Half-hearted people, who compromise, who always find the right excuse why they can’t do it… I can’t help…

The West has created such powerful techniques to get rid of our blockages/traumas to gain what we want. If we eliminate first our negative feelings/blockages/traumas then Meditation is easy and to gain the spirituality that we desire…  If we don’t do so, we need years or never, to get the same results for our meditation and spirituality. Afterward or in combination with Western therapy we use the techniques from the East to gain bliss, inner peace, inner happiness, true love… Life is simple, if it is complicated we do so!

I use the most powerful techniques: Bioenergetic, EFT, Hypnosis, life coaching, the best  Qigong, Meditation, Tantra, and Tao-love, to gain bliss, experience true love and true happiness, to awake the Kundalini … to get you where you want…

I like to make you truly happy and connect you to God.

There doesn’t exist Spiritual Enlightenment!

Over 30 Years of Helping People to Connect with the Divine - Faster & Deeper

Who is Rudi?

Meditation Master

Guru Amma (Mata Amritananda Mai) has endorsed her student Rudi after studying and meditating for 8-12 hours daily for 10 years in her presence.

Qigong Master​

He can bring you in a meditative and blissful state with his two hands when he leads your energy from the 2nd chakra to the heart chakra.


Rudi can heal with his hands cancer and joints problems.

Spiritual Advisor

Who Has Time To Study and Discover the Best Elements of All Major Religions? Rudi has, and then combined and condensed the most effective principles, and offers them to anyone with an open mind willing to consider them. Religion is man-made. Rudi offers not a different path, but a higher one.

Trained Bio Energetic & Encounter Therapist

Rudi had helped people overcome their life crises; fixed relationships; prevented five suicides….

Sex and Money Expert

Rudi has mastered Tantric Sex and become Wealthy in the Stock Market Sex and Money are not evil.

EFT Practitioner

Rudi had helped a friend to overcome Snake phobia after 30 years of suffering and attracting everywhere poison snakes….

Master Life Coach

Rudi has helped many people individually for decades but is not currently accepting new students.

Hypnoses Therapist

We can change our habits easily with Hypnosis. Because in Hypnosis we are up to 200 times more suggestible than if we try it by our own.

Fitness and Health Expert

Healthy habits, diets & exercise – Happiness fuel Rudi is a fruit vegetarian since 30 years, a great sportsman and for sure very healthy. Rudi had helped to overcome diseases and life-threatening diseases.


Customer Testimonial


Customer Testimonial

Interview with Wayne A. Root: Rudi Zimmerer is an Energy therapy guy, a meditation master he is an East meets West guy who is using western therapy and eastern therapy, he is using energy therapy to change your life. Wayne Allyn Root, Vice Presidential nominee of the USA, entrepreneur, bestselling Author.

In Rudi’s book, “Enjoy your Life Now” he describes true happiness as coming from inside oneself. His methods are a combination of both Eastern and Western wisdom to help people become happier and more fulfilled. – Deborah Torres Patel -Broadway star, Speaking coach.

I love his profound insights in psychology and eastern philosophy and how easy it is to change our life with the techniques he describes to become a better you.
Dr. Steve G. Jones, Ed.D., Clinical Hypnotherapist. Well known for his great hypnosis Cd’s

I have made most of all the possible mistakes on the spiritual path (over a 30 year period), so you don’t need to make these mistakes again. My first Guru was Bhagwan/Osho. My second Guru is Amma (Mata Amritananda Mai). I meditated for 10 years in her presence, every day for 8 to 12 hours, and I was for sure blissful most of the time.

I have coached a lot of people, and have recognized again and again the same mistakes that stop them from living a happy life. Most of all, people underestimate the influence of their subconscious. The subconscious is controlling our entire lives.
I will give you one example from research in London about women who have been raped.
The study found that 80% of all raped women go back to the same situation where they got raped. There were only 20% who avoided all situations where they may get raped. This means that all the women are still under the spell of their trauma, and are still affected by their experience when they got raped.
What about our childhood?
Did you know that 70% of our belief system, which we use to make every decision, is programmed mostly through our experiences in the first 2 years of life? That includes the effects of traumas during that time. Further, 90% of our belief system is programmed during the first 9 years of our lives. What if our belief system isn’t fit anymore for our everyday lives?
So, as a result, we continue to repeat situations from our childhood from our perspective as a victim or as an offender until we finally can experience the feelings with full awareness that were suppressed at the time of the original incident.

Even worse, 80% of all our decisions are based on avoiding pain. Only 20% of all our decisions are based on gaining pleasure. The solution is simple: We can get rid of our worst traumas within 30 minutes, through therapies like EFT. Even better, we can become truly happy, fulfilled, and have real love. What I mean by true happiness, and true love is that we don’t need a reason to be happy or to love somebody. As a baby, we didn’t need a reason for that before society conditioned us to need a reason. We need to ask ourselves the reason behind that and how to change it.

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