Rudi Zimmerer

Spirituality is for you

I would like to tell you how easy it is to become blissful through spirituality…

The basic techniques are the same for nearly every mystical method from any of the world religions! If the energy of our lowest chakra, called here Sex or root chakra, or lower dan tien is rising to our heart chakra, then bliss will be experienced. The sex chakra is 5 cm above the vagina inside of the body; the heart chakra is between the breast nipples or on the sternum 5 to 10 centimeters inside of the body.

1. Shaking method of the whole body … the pelvis is the pivot point.
2. Dancing like crazy… trance dancing.
3. Special rhythms of drums or even Assembly-line work that involves doing the same movement again and again at a paticular speed….This was sometimes very dangerous, so the fabric always had to change the speed
4. Singing of Gospels or religious devotional songs… the singer is singing from the lowest part of their body (area of the Vagina) upwards to the Lord…. Energy will rise upwards to the crone chakra – highest point of the head.
5. Different sounds resonate with different parts of the body so the U is in the lowest area of the body and the A sound is in the heart chakra with the Movement of the body making it even better. For instance the Sufi Dikir: Huh Allah or Sufi breathing… the Chinese created great mantras for this, so you can even heal your body with a combination of different sounds/Chinese Mantras. Try to say “djung” for 1 minute …this will produce saliva!
Can you do it?

Learn awesome Qigong with the Energy
Pump, so that you experience bliss.

I know something even better! Do you want to know?

Energy Pump

1. Every baby is making this, and if the baby makes this secret technique it is experiencing a very high state of meditation!
2. Everybody can do this!
3. You can experience bliss, inner peace and even much more, but this is not all!
4. If you want to increase your ability to think and this even in your high age, then this is for you! Do you like to know this secret technique?
5. If you have problems with the bladder or urination problems, this secret technique will fix it…
6. The same is for prostate problems/diseases Wow!!!!
7. I cured my back problems, these means broken disc, protrude discs were pinching my nerves… with this secret techniques, my back got even better than before!
8. Men can get their orgasms under their control… Women do you like this?
9. Even more, you can enjoy intercourse as long as you want; believe me one thing I got even stomach muscle cramps and so I have to change again and again the position….
10. Even better you experience so much bliss that you lose your interest on the orgasms…even better multi orgasms for men are possible…with this secret technique…
11. Your stamina in sex will increase and for sure your potency…

I will explain every point, you need to exercise this technique until it works well for you, especially when you don’t have experience in Qiong. For sure, bladder problems can be solved on the same day!
Males and females are different, do you agree? Ladies first! Females should squeeze their vagina and their anus, but should not squeeze the buttocks muscle.
Males should pull up their testicles, add some tension to their penis and squeeze their anus; they should not squeeze the buttocks muscle. You got it, is this easy? We call this energy pump!
Imagine that you are a baby who is sucking milk from the nipple of your mother’s breast… when you are sucking milk, you assume that you are sucking the energy from your sex chakra upwards to the heart or even higher, while you maintain your energy pump. When you have sucked the energy, then you breathe in; if you have breathed in enough air, then you need to breathe out, and so you release the energy pump, at the same time you touch the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Exactly as every baby does!!


We will support this by moving the palms of our hands upwards from the sex chakra to the head/crone chakra.
The same technique without moving your hands can be applied during intercourse, it is even better if also you repeat the name of God/ Thank you / or another word that is meaningful to you.
Briefly, the problem for males is that during conventional intercourse, men focus too much on the penis, so we need to lead the energy from our penis/testicles to our heart/crone chakra so that bliss occurs.
The energy pump you apply during meditation, this means 5 to 10 seconds, and also you repeat the name of God or thank you, or another meaningful word for you. So I count with the name of God… 5 times Krishna/Allah. Do this 50 to 100 times and then wait some time and then repeat as you like. You don’t have to suck the energy upwards.
Better Thinking: You do the energy pump and sucking the energy to your highest point of your head, this is the crone chakra. Do this 100 times/a day.
Bladder/ sexual stamina/ potency: energy pump, 5 seconds, repeating name of God… do this 100 times



How to gain Bliss & Inner Peace with the Energy Meditation, Chi Gong, God Love, Tantra, Tao-Love…

  1. How to make meditation fun.
  2. Why is rejecting  things so bad for our meditation and life?
  3. Why doesn’t suppressing feelings and thoughts work?
  4. How can you free your negative thoughts/feelings?
  5. How can we ground our thoughts with meditation?
  6. How to get fast and lasting results from your meditation.
  7. How to gain bliss and inner peace through meditation.
  8. How to learn to Love God.
  9. How to gain true love and much more through tantra.
  10. How to become healthy through meditation.

Most people don’t understand that meditation reflects what is inside of us. People fight against their thoughts, and they do not know that their suppressed feelings have caused the thoughts. The book shows you how to release negative emotions, how to gain bliss through the energy pump technique, and how to ground negative thoughts so that they disappear.