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How to make your work fun?

When you do not like your work, make two lists. One list should be of what you like about your

So we always expect the best

Still, we can have many subconscious desires that want us not to win. If we suppress our negative feelings, these

What causes chronicle diseases?

Or what makes diseases disappear? As a logical thinking person I have learned before I can solve any problem I

Science – A Belief Or A Fact?

We read in the newspaper or on the internet much news about science, what they have found out and after

Be Passionate or die!

Our passions are connected with our sexuality … So older we grow and specific after the male or female menopause

What causes Addiction?

I have seen a movie clip about that, and it was not true. The author thinks that we take drugs

Older women should date younger men!

Looks very controversial but it works… A female computer scientist analyzed online dating at OkCupid from 10 Millions of daters.

Life is a power struggle

Everybody, be it your sweet girlfriend, boyfriend, cat or dog want to control you… We all want more power… Even

Why Suicide?

I saw a shocking video about an unsuccessful suicide attempt, Jumping from the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco …

Why does non-violence not work?

The Non-violence or Ahimsa was first introduced from the Hindu-Religion. Ahimsa or non-violence was created for the Braman (Priest) and

Why women over 30 remain single?

The biological clock is ticking, the women are over 30 and want desperately their own family. And they can’t find

How to do a Kidney cleanses?

  Our Kidneys are very important, and if they don’t work properly it will harm our entire body… Many people

What is good on our dramas?

Only through huge dramas we can get connected and opened for a new dimension. When I left the second time

Inside of Bali’s Prison

I have seen a YouTube “ Life inside Bali’s Infamous Kerobokan Prison. (link at the end) I recommended that everybody

How to do a Liver Cleanse?

Our friend became so ill that she should undergo a gallbladder surgery to remove her gallbladder. We decided against that!!!

How to become blissfully?

If we push up our energy from our lowest part of our body (sex or root chakra) to our heart/heart

What are the causes of stress?

You don’t accept yourself and your outcome. Looks very provocative and it should challenge you. If we would be happy

How To Overcome Jealousy?

Jealousy is a passion that causes pain. Jealousy happens if our darling loves another guy, then we feel worthless. Or

How to detox the gut?

We want to detox our guts to gain: 1.) more health, 2.) a better immune system, 3.) longevity, 4.) a

Gut-brain connection part 2

D.) Love can heal and protect our gut and even our entire body. Because when we love we produce the

Give your years more life

“It is more important to give the years more life than life for more years.” Curd Jurgens But Curd Jurgens

Gut-brain connection part 1

This report will shock you… I have done my research. I looked videos for 3 hours (see links at the

Adapt to the situation

Adapt to the situation instead of to follow blinds rules. Don’t be a philosopher surrender to the rules of the

Is your lifestyle aging you?

A new research done by the Mayo Clinic gives evidence: Poor Diet and Lack of exercise impact how quickly we

Learn to criticize yourself!

Then miracles will happen. Why? If we know, what we are making wrong, only then we can change. This makes

Why Intimacy?

When I remembered one of the greatest Marketing experts in the world, Joel Bauer – Joel Bauer’s strategy is to

The world is a distraction

And that we can read in the religious/mystical scriptures. Maybe we need the world as a distraction? No mystic could

The world is a distraction

And that we can read in the religious/mystical scriptures. Maybe we need the world as a distraction? No mystic could

For what is Facebook?

This question should ask everybody themselves? 1.) Can we socialize with Facebook? 2.) Do we like to argue about specific

How to lose weight?

The biggest problems for losing weight: 1.) Outdated strategies that never worked and are still done… A.) Count every calorie…

The Meaning of Life

Life has neither a meaning nor no meaning (Osho). If we see our life… We get born into a family

What is destiny?

That is so crucial to know for nearly everything… When we are in the flow, everything is coming to us

Children or no Children?

That is the Question of most of us… Many people think that their kids will later care for them when

Don’t care for Bullying

Today, people get bullied to suicide through the Internet. This is becoming more and more a problem. Why? Because we

Broken Hearts

When I was a teen I was in love with the song Angie by The Rolling Stones. Somehow this song

The Art of Fitness

In recent years the industry has discovered the Fitness. Everything should be sexy and attractive … The outfit should be

Money or Life?

There was a very rich Jewish who had all of his Money in a deeper basement. In the night he

How to become “out”?

When I saw one of the last videos of the “Fundamentals of Photography II” I came across of: I don’t

Our Fish our Food?

After the study, 50% of our consumed fish is now farm raised. Until 2030 it will be 75%. China produces

What is shamanism?

Shamanism is not a Religion but a healing based on generosity. Some years ago, when I was on the Rainbow

How to relax in 2 Minutes?

It is easy if you know how to do it! I will introduce 3 methods from the Acupressure … All

How to make new friends?

So older we grow so more difficult it gets to make friends. For our well being, most of the people

Distraction leads to depression

Why? Our time is limited. To waste time is the worst sin. (Mata Amritanandamayi) Because nobody can postpone his death!

How to get humiliated?

But I don’t want!!! That is the best way to get humiliated, it not to want. It is better when

What is Spirituality?

The Buddhists reject all kind of Spirituality, they want only Nirvana… And all Spirituality is a distraction from their purpose

Why do the Japanese live longer?

The Life Expectancy of a Japanese is 84.75 years. Only Monaco has a higher Life Expectancy of 89.75 years. Never

What is the Gear Acquisition Syndrome?

The Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) is the all-consuming desire to expand our collection of gear. People became bankrupt, divorced and

How to get the power back?

They have thrown a baby rat in a bucket of water and stopped the time how long it will swim

Our dramas drive us to greatness

If I hear Edit Piaf, the blind Andrea Bocelli, or the concerts of the deaf Ludwig van Beethoven I wonder

Why does the love end?

When I was a child I never have seen a great love relationship only awful relationship problems… And I saw

Make it in 1 Minute!

1 Minute interval training = 45 Minutes jogging The resent study of the McMaster University shows that a 1 Minute

Can Meditation harm You?

I say absolutely Yes! Still, I recommend it. If we want to write a motorcycle we should learn first to

How to become free?

What is freedom? Is freedom to be free of obligations and responsibilities? Is the freedom to take drugs and do

The beauty of uncertainty

Even we try to get everything under our control, we can’t control our relationships. And most relationships end with closed

Why can’t women sleep with men?

Because of Physical issues and Psychology issues. 1.) Low libido. When having a menopausal problem,- the females have a lack

Positive and negative selfishness

All Religions condemn selfishness and that is wrong. We should discriminate between positive and negative selfishness. What is positive and

The Remedy of Envy

We are all human beings and we have sometimes envy and resentments against people who make it better than us….

A world without men?

What should men do? Cut their balls and transform them into a feminist boy… In interviews from a British reporter

Why we need our personal boundaries?

I recently could understand why many of my relationships didn’t work out…. The reason is simple my girlfriends didn’t accept

How to come out of a crises?

1.)Do what is meaningful for you. Regardless of how much money you earn or have if your life has no

What is Kai Zen?

Or, why we can’t reach our goals? The Japanese answer is: we want too fast too much. The Japanese tradition

Why is passionate love stupid?

All Religions are telling us that we should omit a passionate, sexual love. Because when we are passionate we lose

Fear of Death

Who is afraid of his death, his life is already gone… Fear only Allah I came across a YouTube (never

How can we change our self-talk?

“I am also that…” When somebody abuse you; think, “I am also that…” For instance: Somebody is screaming: “You B*tch”,

How to memorize?

We are overloaded with the information on the Internet and the media and we can’t process the information. Why we

Why are girls love bad boys?

Even the girls know that these bad guys are not good for them, still, they are attracted to them. 1.)

Why we can’t decide?

The answer is in the next question! What are the benefits of staying blocked? When we are inactive we assume

Enjoy feeling bad

We were growing up with: “to be happy is the best”… and “to feel bad is bad” … And so

The Longing for Wholeness

Somehow we all feel that there is something missing when we are not occupied. Be it to work, to do

How to get focused?

We have inside procrastination, laziness or distraction that hinder us to focus on our subject. Should we force us to

Sleeping naked

I was amused, when Gerry Roberts, one of the most successful speakers on the stage told that he is sleeping

Pride can help us!

When I was growing up in our spirituality group,… pride or to be proud was the worst…. Because pride is

How to deal with regret

We try to see in everything the good and the bad because everything has two pols. In my worst experience,

Self Love

In this turbulence time, we lack on love. Do we need a new lover or to refresh our love to

Why we lose our focus?

Everybody experience that we love distractions and procrastinate on the things what we love to do. What can we do,

Is swearing really so bad?

Swearing is actually good for you. I have known it my whole life that swearing, cursing is so good…. Because

Marriage and Sex?

If you don’t want to have sex again, get married… Sex is the biggest issue in the marriage, then comes

How to start a good life?

We all have done many mistakes and I hope we have learned from them. If we would start fresh with

Learn to say “NO”

Don’t be a people pleaser because of your low self-esteem or lack of confidence. In the end, you harm yourself

Is Belief = Fanaticism?

If I know deep inside that I can do it, without that I can logically prove it … I believe.

How to break a habit?

The self-help gurus are saying we need 21 days or 30 days to form up a new habit. And that

How to communicate as leader?

Or how to inspire your team? 1.) How to start? The room should be comfortable and well temperated. We make

Stop chasing women

  Theses chasing and pursuing of women comes from neediness, that we are a needy boy and that doesn’t feel

The Lost of our Identity

We are living in a world that supports a fixed identity and through that, we have lost the connection to

How to overcome shame?

We know situations where we think that we are wrong and then our shame is coming up… We try to

The five pillars of wealth

If we think that money/success and worldly pleasure are everything we get lost or follow a wrong prophet. The 5

Act or Complain

Is not complaining an act of procrastination? Remember when you complained inside or outside, did it helped? When You started

The Pursuit of Love

The pursuit of love is a path that we all travel … Who gets it right? Is true and lasting

Don’t become a wussy!

If we hear the New Age Movement Music, we comprehend that the New Age wants Harmony and doesn’t like Disharmony.

Nice people end up alone

Why? 1.) Nice people are people-pleasers. Nice people strive to help other people. Many people take advantage of the nice

What is true Spirituality?

The Religions have owned the spirituality and they reject all other spirituality! The Religions discriminate spiritual people who are not

The fear of missing out or FOMO

It is the uneasy and sometimes all-consuming feeling: 1.) That we are missing out that our peers are doing. 2.)

What is true Spirituality?

The Religions have owned the spirituality and they reject all other spirituality! The Religions discriminate spiritual people who are not

Stop Worrying

We can not live happily without an assured future! We have no such assurance. Alan Watts Our problem is that

From Conception to Birth

Why is it important to prepare for the Baby? The fetus is affected by everything happening inside of the mother

How to enjoy our entire Life

People are chasing the ultimate peace and calmness… that never will happen or has happened. Because the religions know how

Face your negativity

We are facing big problems and then we continuously think on the bad outcome instead to have a clear precise

What we reject works against us

What we see in Others is a reflection of Ourselves. Science has proved: “We can only see things within others

How to start with fitness?

We all like to become fit and healthy and most of the people start wrong with their fitness training. Many

All Bodies are good Bodies

All Bodies are good bodies after the Body Positively Movement. It sounds great but is stupid. Do you agree with

True Religion

The basis of a true Religion is: Honesty: Honesty, regardless what matter it is. The Great Saint Ramakrishna (the Gospel

How women convince men?

The women like to study men to find out how to manipulate them. They try to get as much information

Might is Right!

This great quote is from Shakespeare. – Until today nothing had changed!!! I tried my whole life to be honest,

If there is no way

I remember the story of the inventor Thomas Edison… When Edison invented the electric bulb, he needed over 1000 experiments…

How to get peace in the mind?

We all want to get peace in the mind. We can’t understand that we can’t live in peaceful world…. To

Why we fail and why we win?

If I have problems in different areas of my life, the difficulties seem to be different, in reality, they are


We believe rather more in our Assumptions than in the Trueness. Oscar Wilde defined the word “assumption”. Assumptions are Expectations,

Do we create our own problems?

In the Buddhist wisdom is mention that every problem that we face, we have set up by ourselves… Maybe so

I’ll be happy tomorrow

… If… And that maybe never happens. When we get even everything fulfilled, we will still be unhappy. Because we

How to speak with confidence?

I have put here some useful tips together…. 1.) To sound smart We all want to be smart, whether we

What is right in the Statistic?

The Statistic is just like a bikini, the most interesting things are hidden! If we look at the online dating,

How to manage our fears?

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself, Franklin d. Roosevelt. Most people live in a constant state

I am too qualified for that

When I attended the Seminars with T. Harv Eker and J. T. Fox they told us to delegate all the

Why ignorance hurt us so much?

I struggled quite a lot when I heard that the best alternative Doctor who was also spiritual from my hometown

How to worsen every relationship?

Now I like to help to improve your relationships! 1) Giving advice without permission… That stinks. We all have some

Less is much more.

If we follow the rules, we never will have enough… If we go on vacation, we see how less we

What is the best investment?

Every effort, money, energy and time, I invested in my health and spirituality I got many times back. The Dalai

How to relax in difficult times?

In even good times it is for many people difficult to relax. Because we are occupied with too many things

Does chasing happiness work?

On a beautiful Sunday, I went to the emergency doctor to give me my injection… I was 21 years old

How to feel good through singing?

When we sing our brain releases the neurotransmitter endorphins and dopamine in our body. Both substances lift up our feelings

Don’t follow the rules

We all have learned to follow rules and many people don’t do so. Be it in the traffic or be

How to fit in?

Or do we have to fit in? When we have been kids, we wanted to be accepted and to participate

How to change our life?

First, we change inside in the right direction, and then we do the work to get what we want. And

Order in Chaos

After the Chaos theory is the world a chaos where exist inside some order. There exist more chaos than order/rules

Get rid of your Internet EGO

We are going on a website and after some time a window is covering the site and demanding our name.

Why cursing helps you?

We all went through this awful conditioning from the society… You should not.. And you should… Regardless where I am

How to improve through traveling?

During our vacation, we release our tension from previous stress, and we begin to relax and start to see our

There exists no selflessness.

We doing everything out of self-interest. If somebody is in an emergency for instance, if I would not help I

Why we need a soul mate?

If I hear, I have found my dream partner, my soul mate… I think it doesn’t matter!!! Every worldly love

What is when we fail to fail?

Don’t take this article too seriously otherwise you fail. I hate to fail, and I am the greatest failure… Because

How to tell the truth?

My video: How to tell the truth? My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the

Why we don’t get what we want?

My video: Why we don’t get what we want? My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link

Is there Justice?

Does it exist? Does it us hinder to enjoy our life? For whom is that right? What for somebody is

How to live a miraculous life?

Do you wait that one day your dream life will start… that all of your deepest desires will be fulfilled?

How we imagine our world –

blocks us more than anything else.   If we imagine something, we want to verify what we imagine.   If

How to Stop over-thinking?

We all want to make always the best possible decision. And then we think and think and think. Tibetan proverb:

Live your passion with awareness.

The passions are stirring up our suppressed negative feelings/ traumas, mainly from our childhood. If we feel our ascending emotions,

To Have or to Be?

We think if we concentrate on the outcome we will get that. Often, we suffer and even don’t get it.

Why love relationships fail?

If we love somebody, we idealize her/him and suppress our negative feelings to love more. In our subconsciousness, we build

Are there no hell or heaven?

If there are no hell or heaven, then we have to enjoy the here and now; otherwise, our life is

The Disease of Being Busy

Today, if we like to meet somebody, typically everybody likes to say he has no time, he is busy… so

What we do with Anger?

Actually, sadness is transformed anger in to be overwhelmed, hopeless, to give up or to be the loser. Anger is

The world is a dream?

Nothing is real all is illusion… When the great Philosopher Berkley said this, Johnson kicked him against his leg… The

How to quit?

One of the most common mistakes is to quit, even it doesn’t look that we give up. The worst thing

To blame is the worst!

  One of the worst habits…   Blaming makes everything worse. Instead, we look for the good in that situation.

Marriage – Man in Slavery?!

    Yes, I provoke to get better healthier relationships.   If we see the statics that 86% of all

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