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Why is God so important for our life, spirituality, and meditation?

How to Develop a Love Relationship with God.

What makes a great intimate relationship?

    1. We can share all of our feelings and thoughts with our partner, regardless of what feelings and thoughts we have.
    2. If we can’t honestly share our feelings and thoughts, then for sure, this isn’t a great intimate relationship.
    3. If we want to connect with somebody, then we connect with our feelings.
    4. Feelings are what really matter in an intimate relationship.

Uncultivated people beat and abuse their Gods. Cultivated people are adoring God and making wars! (Sri Aurobindo (in his aphorism))

When Kamsa got killed by Krishna, his soul went to heaven. Then the people asked Krishna: Why did this have to happen? Kamsa was such a wicked guy and had tried again and again to kill you! Krishna said, Kamsa was one of my best devotees; he hated me so much, so that he was thinking about me 24 hours a day nonstop, and he did it with such great focus. Please understand that human beings can hate 5 to 10 times more than they can love. So the focus of your sentiments is what matters, if you worship me! (Srimad Bhagavatam).

If you honor God or if you afraid of God how can you love God?
(from Attar one of the greatest Sufi, he wrote this in his famous book: “Conference of the Birds”)

I want to know what God is

1. The journey begins when we start a personal relationship with God. So that we feel that there is somebody we can relate to. A common prayer that we repeat again and again will never help us much. Actually, I never have done it, I don’t pray, because of Osho, my first Guru, was totally against it…. We communicate with God as we communicate with a spouse/friend or with our parents. That is what I do!

2. We build up an intimate relationship with God. If we see God as the one who is doing everything; after Hindu scripture, everything that is created or moves is the action of God, without God nothing can happen. Then it is quite simple that we give God the responsibility for everything that happened or is happening to us, good or bad. Here comes the trick! We also have the right to beat up and to abuse God for the bad things that had happened or are happening to us…. I know what you are thinking, in the end, everything that is happening to us has a reason and is even good for us… And we should be fully responsible for our life…., but in this case, it is not helping us. So we assume that we don’t know what is written in the last sentence (Don’t be wise!) … Only so, we finally have the right to beat up and to abuse God for everything that has happened and is happening to us…. After the law of polarity, and this is even psychology proofed through Encounter Groups, if we release our negative feelings, the positive feelings must come… Otherwise, we didn’t release enough our negative feelings…. Make a list of every negative event of your life, that you can’t bear and blemish God for it with all of your negative feelings …. We assume that you have time for it at least three months. Stay busy; with laziness, nothing can be achieved.

3. In the end, you will love God…. And you will understand that everything was for the best. This time you really feel it!

4. Attar described, again and again, the example of great human love and didn’t discriminate so much between a great human love and love of God. Attar saw that an outstanding human love was a must to develop a love of God… Where there is love, there is God, or love is God. (Bible)
The problem is that the devotees of God want to start with the End! Instead of building up to a truly intimate relationship. And then at the very end, love for God comes by itself


Now I should tell you something about me. When I got the Kundalini, I also got the connection with God even though I was a stout atheist.- That was a huge problem for me.

1. I got my spirit name from Bhagwan: Ganshyam. The meaning is A name of God. And I should be an answer for God…. To be total in every action and to surrender without any condition. I was furious with this name because it didn’t fit me.

2. Then we had a great love affair, and I had my first God experience when we were making Tantra.

3. Then terrible things happened to me: Our baby came too early; separation from my darling, final separation of my family, lost my Job, lost my community.
4. In this time of agony, I did exercises for my spiritual path like crazy and meditated a lot… then the Kundalini was awakened. Also, God came into my life.

I tried to ignore God and praying for me was not possible, because of my idea that only cowards pray. I went on long retreats for nine months that included silent meditation, and isolation. Somehow the quote from Sri Aurobindo (see at the beginning) made sense to me… so I was beating up and abusing God like crazy…
Then we, my friend and I, went to the concert of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan… I saw an energy ball coming towards me, and it entered my heart when we were waiting for Nusrat in the auditorium.
I got such a huge pain in my heart that I thought I would die… Nevertheless, I decided to surrender to this situation. Nusrat started with his devotional singing about Ali and Allah. I got a Satory… I could not understand his music, and I didn’t enjoy it.
My friend bought all his CD’s and gave copies to me.
I heard them again and again, and then I started to repeat the name of Allah.

First, build the relationship with God and then start with Japa (repetition of the name of God) otherwise Japa will not work!

After a half year, I was for 3 months in trance just through the name of Allah. Afterwards it changed to Kali.

Singing devotional Songs

When I need You

Have I told You lately


Thank you for loving me

The idea of singing devotional songs for God is that we express our feelings for God and then miracles really can happen! When I was attending Christian worships at an African Church in Germany, real miracles like spontaneous healing or great spiritual experiences during singing was quite common. I can never sing as beautiful as the Africans in that church, but it doesn’t matter. The important thing was that I surrendered totally to singing for Jesus so that Jesus was coming to me, even though I was never in this life a Christian. This is the point – don’t be shy about singing. If you sing, singing for God is enough. Singing devotional songs isn’t for enhancing the EGO!

Kali is always a woman to me

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The Greatest Love

I had already been singing hundreds of different Bhajans (devotional songs) in many different Indian languages every day. I must confess that I could not understand what I was singing, even maybe the Indians who heard me, could not understand it either. So now I have produced some devotional songs (Bhajans) for you in English. I found only two devotional songs in English that I loved: “I am sailing” and “Have I told you lately”. Then I took great love songs and rewrote the lyrics. “The first cut is the deepest”, (I changed it to “The first step is the
hardest”), “When I need You” and “Feelings”. I downloaded the music from in the right pitch for my voice. So you can do it too!

The first Step is the hardest

I am sailing

When I was in India, I recognized that singing for God is at least equal to meditation. Even Osho said that if there could be only one choice between music or meditation, he would choose music. With music, we can directly change our mood and even the mood of our friends. Not all music is good. If we hear music with bad lyrics, this will definitely negatively influence our subconscious, as well as our conscious mind and body (Deborah Patel).


Love is in the Air

In the air tonight

Have Faith in the Lord!

This book describes in many stories how you can gain Faith in God.

I have written this book for God, to promote Faith in God.
All stories inside of this book are authentic life stories from myself.
I start with my situation right now, the dramatical healing of terminal colon cancer of my girlfriend through Faith in the Lord!
And then I tell how the Lord saved my life again and again.
I explain: How to gain love and faith in God in every religion.
As a bonus I give insights:
Does exist the: Kundalini; Enlightenment; life after death; Moksha; Paradise or Hell?
In this book are no hidden ads or promotions.

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