Rudi Zimmerer

How to meditate effectively with
the right Attitude?

How to become awesome in Meditation?

Rudi Zimmerer

First understand that all of our thoughts are created from feelings, and our negative thoughts are created through negative suppressed feelings. Our mediation shows what is inside of our mind; real meditation is nothing more then observing and let it happen. If you want to be a meditation master, then the best way to begin is to master your suppressed negative feelings. You can meditate for hours, and still, your negative feelings will continue to create negative thoughts again and again.

The most efficient techniques for removing our negative feelings/thoughts, like EFT, are described in my book: “Enjoy your life now!” along with much more helpful information. Because I think that if you live a happy and fulfilled life meditation is much easier.

Rudi Zimmerer

The idea to suppress our desires and sex is wrong because this will create even more negative thoughts. First, we have to care for ourselves, love ourselves, and accept ourselves. If we don’t accept our negative feelings and thoughts, this will definitely increase our negative thoughts.

What you resist persists.

Let’s say you are very upset.

1. You meditate 5 hours; will the anger still be inside of you?

Yes, it will.

2. You chop wood or box and kick a punching bag filled with sand hanging down from the ceiling, with all of your power for half an hour; will the anger still be there?

No, it will not.

3. First you do your boxing and kicking for half an hour, and then meditate for 30 minutes, will be your meditation be much deeper than the 5 hour meditation in the first example?

Yes it will. I ask you:

Is it possible that we have already gathered enough anger, sadness, depression, and fear inside of ourselves during our whole life?

Yes everybody has! Is it possible that this is the reason why we don’t have serenity, calmness, and peace in our mind, great relationships, great intimacy, love, a loving connection to God, a lot of money, good health, and everything else we truly need….?


How to gain Bliss & Inner Peace with the Energy Meditation, Chi Gong, God Love, Tantra, Tao-Love…

  1. How to make meditation fun.
  2. Why is rejecting  things so bad for our meditation and life?
  3. Why doesn’t suppressing feelings and thoughts work?
  4. How can you free your negative thoughts/feelings?
  5. How can we ground our thoughts with meditation?
  6. How to get fast and lasting results from your meditation.
  7. How to gain bliss and inner peace through meditation.
  8. How to learn to Love God.
  9. How to gain true love and much more through tantra.
  10. How to become healthy through meditation.

Most people don’t understand that meditation reflects what is inside of us. People fight against their thoughts, and they do not know that their suppressed feelings have caused the thoughts. The book shows you how to release negative emotions, how to gain bliss through the energy pump technique, and how to ground negative thoughts so that they disappear.

What is meditation?

Watch and let it happen. – Buddha
For me, meditation is simply relaxing and let things happen without interfering or acting, and letting go of what we try to control. In meditation, we are simply the witness and not the doer or judger; we let the things happen.

The grass grows by itself. We don’t pull on the grass . . . – Zen

Imagine that your son has just passed his driver’s test and he is driving while you’re sitting in the passenger seat. Normally, we check always his driving, we look to left and right, and we brake even though there is no brake,
This is not meditation. Meditation would be relaxing and not caring for the driving at all. We would not be emotionally or mentally involved.
We are not eager to stop, change our thoughts, or create positive thoughts or feelings. We know from the law of polarity.

The law of polarity: when there are positive thoughts/feelings, there must be the same amount of negative thoughts/feelings.

We are eager to be the witness and watch and let it happen.
We want to go beyond feelings and thinking to reach the realm of inner peace, serenity, and inner happiness. Every desire to reach this place is a hindrance.

The mind who likes to be enlightened is the mind that prevents being enlightened. – Zen

With this in mind, we simply relax and enjoy our life, because it is not in our power to go to this realm of serenity. With the grace of God or a great guru, we can reach this place. There are many holy places in the world, where it is much easier to meditate, or a simple pyramid will help us

Reason for Meditation:
– We relax.
– We learn to enjoy the moment without any reason.
– We strengthen our intuition.
– We lose our identification.
– We improve our attitude.
– We get more contact to the divine.
– We learn to let go and to let it happen.
– We learn to be more in the flow.

A simple meditation
Imagine sitting on a riverbank and looking across the river where the signboard is. Ships are passing by, but we still look in the direction of the signboard even though we cannot see the signboard when the ship is in front of us. The thoughts are the ships, and the signboard is our concentration point. I do not judge the thoughts; I let go of the thoughts. I always come back to my concentration point. For the concentration point, I can choose parts of my body, chakras, my breath (as the breath streams in and out from my nose), a name of God, or anything else. I have chosen for myself a name of God (I repeat the name of God again and again) because it connects me to God and the breath, and it connects me with the body, mind, and soul.

‘Identification is sorrow.’
– Bhagavad Gita
If I watch my emotions and thoughts, then I give up more and more of my identification and can relax easier. I learn to let go of my tension and desires that had plagued me my entire life. Also, I can easier enjoy my life and be more courageous. I do not so depend on the world, friends, and relatives anymore, because I understand that every moment brings new things, and I let go of previous doubts and worries. It is easier to experience our inner happiness.
Even babies experience very high mediation states full of bliss, happiness, and serenity.
Thousands of meditations exist, so choosing the right one is crucial for the beginner, because if we have no fun, excitement, or happiness with the new meditation, we give up to early. It is much easier if we start with moving meditations or free dancing. A meditation from Osho, Mantak Chia, Sufi meditations, Dao meditations, yoga, chi gong, Tai Chi, body flow, and dance meditations are easy and bring us fast good results.
We should at least stay on one meditation one month; try to meditate always at the same time, and, if possible, in the same place, because then this place becomes special for meditation. We can use imaginations to make meditation easier, like mountains, the river, the ocean, and we can use music to make meditation easier. Then we should sit/stand/lay down with the spine straight and relax so that the body energy can flow. After some time, everyone should change the meditation, so we can integrate new aspects in our life.

When we are overloaded with thoughts, a non-moving (still) meditation is difficult. We can release our thoughts through therapy, like EFT, or we make sport, dancing, or have a massage. In any case, it is a good exercise to watch our thoughts.

Kundalini Meditation from Osho

For the first five-teen minutes, we shake our body after a Tabla (drum) rhythms. We imagine we’re shaking out all our negativity. There is a CD Kundalini meditation/ Osho at itunes.
In the next five-teen minutes, we dance full of passion to Indian music.
The next five-teen minutes is with music; we stand straight or sit straight with no body movement (if possible). We watch our feelings, thoughts, and feel our body. Our concentration point is the breath, how it streams in and out of our nose.
The final five-teen minutes is without music; we sit straight or lay down (not sleep) on the back straight, with no body movement (if possible). We watch our feelings, thoughts, and feel our body. Our concentration point is the breath, how it streams in and out of our nose.
Through the shaking and dancing of our body, we relax and activate energy in the lowest part of the body. If the energy is going upwards from our sex organs to our sternum, we feel bliss.
The name Kundalini means an indwelling energy in the lowest part of our body, and when awakened, this energy rises upwards and brings us many benefits.
This is for sure a great meditation for many, and it will work, even if we had a day full of work, stress, and tension.

To do without doing - Dao De Jing

This means to do without intention, without forcing, without a focus on the outcome, without any effort, and striving for as much effect as possible. It is in the flow. All great sports men/women, artists are in the flow when they are doing their best.
1. We concentrate us effortlessly on our doing.
2. We relax and let the thing do it by itself.

For instance, we cycle with the bicycle and speed up until we reach a good speed which is high but still not too exhausting. And then we relax on this speed and let the legs do the work without pushing us.
3. After some time we cycle very comfortably at this speed, and we create less and fewer thoughts. So that our consciousness is in a higher state. Difficult to describe…
Imagine you are skiing at high speed on a very difficult skin run, or you are windsurfing through high waves with strong winds. During this moment, there is no time for thoughts and no space for tension (otherwise you drop), and then you feel very relaxed and a different kind of happiness. Sixty percent of all surgery is done in the flow, the world master in chess is in the flow . . . It can even happen during bicycle riding, jogging, and spiritual exercise.

We can create a meditation from everything that we do.

We can do a meditation out of our routines; then our life is blooming, and we do not bore. For instance, I did work on a production line or cleaning with fun, because I used this time as meditation. You watch your breath and every movement of your body, or repeat the name of God, and then you relax. It is that simple.