Rudi Zimmerer


How to Become Happy and Successful
with Powerful Techniques from East and West

  • How to change your life in every aspect with feelings and body-orientated therapy combined with meditation.
  • How to get back the love or connection you may not have received as a child
  • How to feel true love in all your relationships.
  • How to have more fulfilling relationships.
  • How to deal with problems when you are working.
  • How to live a fulfilled life even when many things are running against you.
  • Learn that we manifest in our lives what is inside of us regardless if we are aware of it or not.
  • What is true happiness, real love and real meditation?
  • You will learn the most efficient Therapy EFT.
  • You will learn why meditation and body exercise is so necessary for living a fulfilled life. And much more you find in my book: Enjoy your life now.
  • I have compiled in over 30 years the most efficient methods to find true happiness and true love..

Enjoy your life now! This Book is published by Blackcard Books for $32 and you can get it much cheaper from Amazon Kindle.​​



How to gain Bliss & Inner Peace with the Energy Meditation, Chi Gong, God Love, Tantra, Tao-Love…

Most people don’t understand that meditation reflects what is inside of us. People fight against their thoughts, and they do not know that their suppressed feelings have caused the thoughts. The book shows you how to release negative emotions, how to gain bliss through the energy pump technique, and how to ground negative thoughts so that they disappear.

  1. How to make meditation fun.
  2. Why is rejecting  things so bad for our meditation and life?
  3. Why doesn’t suppressing feelings and thoughts work?
  4. How can you free your negative thoughts/feelings?
  5. How can we ground our thoughts with meditation?
  6. How to get fast and lasting results from your meditation.
  7. How to gain bliss and inner peace through meditation.
  8. How to learn to Love God.
  9. How to gain true love and much more through tantra.
  10. How to become healthy through meditation.


Learn the cause of diseases
– psychosomatic or weak immune system-
and how to heal diabetes, cancer, heart, back…

According to the health statistics, ⅓ of the American population have cancer, severe heart problems and/or diabetes; ¼ are taking drugs for mental problems. I will show in my book that the cause of all diseases is an unhealthy lifestyle, with the consumption of industrially processed food, Western medicine, too little body exercise, too much stress and/or psychosomatic; and how to live a healthy life with good food, body exercise, and Chi Gong. I will show how to heal the heart, cancer and the back, a 100% cure for diabetes and there is also a list of 140 diseases and how to cure them holistically.

  1. Understanding that the cause of diseases is  psychosomatic, an unhealthy lifestyle and/or too much stress.
  2. Understanding that in a healthy body is also a healthy spirit.
  3. Do you know that ⅓ of the population of the USA has cancer, severe heart problems and diabetes and 60% of the babies have chronic diseases?
  4. Why can’t Western medicine give us health and weakens our body?
  5. Why is faith in healing the most important thing and stress/fear the worst thing?
  6. Understanding a healthy lifestyle, with healthy food such as fresh juices, sprouts, green smoothies and time for rest, relaxation and body exercise.
  7. A cure for cancer, diabetes, heart and back problems.
  8. A list of 140 diseases with psychosomatic and their healing.

The Essence to become Happy, Healthy and Successful!

From my Facebook Group:
Relax with Meditation

In this book, I include the best for our happiness, health, success and spirituality in easily consumable portions from my Facebook Group: Relax with Meditation. There are 140 articles quick to read and to understand. Just open the book somewhere, read one article, relax and improve your life. You don’t have to read the whole book, just one article at a time … is enough. I found a great article from the very successful Man Dr. Patrick Liew (Co-Founder Success Resources), “How to re-craft our life?”  I asked him, to use this material for my book, and he also wrote the foreword.

  1. Why we don’t get what we want?
  2. How to Overcome Procrastination?
  3. What is an optimal time management?
  4. How to get our life back?
  5. How to get rid of our Anger?
  6. How to become creative?
  7. How to improve our relationships?
  8. How to become Forever Young?
  9. What is the best for our Immune system!
  10. What are the causes of all diseases and the cure?
  11. How to cure cancer?
  12. What is the meaning of our life?
  13. Is there more?
  14. What is God?
  15. Why is it so important to have a God relationship?
  16. I can’t die, I am Energy… ?
  17. Is There A Free Will?
  18. Fake Gurus – True Gurus?

The Magic of Qigong!

With the Immortal Qigong,
Fulfilling Bliss and Tao-Love.

In this book, you will learn the most efficient Qigong. You will discover all the secrets of Qigong that never had been published in one book before. And you need only one hour per day to become healthy and vigor. With the Immortal Qigong is long levity over 100 years possible.

This book teaches you:

  1. Do You want to release fast and efficient your negative emotions? With the Tao 5 Elements and the Healing Sounds, you can do so.
  2. Do You want to balance your Energy in your body? With Tao Two Hand Method and the Healing Sounds, you can do so.
  3. Do You want Peace in your mind and experience Bliss? With my moving Qigong, you will gain that and excellent Health.
  4. Do You want to Live Long and to be Healthy and Vigor? With the Immortal Qigong from Lu Zijian (Lu Zijian died with 118 and was vigor and healthy until his end), you achieve that, and you will get Bliss and Peace in mind.
  5. Do You want to Enjoy Your Sex, to have a longer Climax and even to Heal our body? With the Tao-Love, you do so.
  6. Do you have problems to learn new things? You can easily learn my Qigong with my videos. For free, You can download and see my Qigong videos.

Why the Religions have
failed and not God?

Why don’t exist Hell, Paradise, Moksha, Nirvana and Enlightenment?

This book is written for people who are frustrated from the Organized Religions and the spiritual Masters. People who like to connect with God and don’t like to obey stupid rules of the Religions.

You Will Learn:

  1. That the organized Religions are just another Spam!
  2. Why don’t exist Paradise and Hell?
  3. Why don’t exist Nirvana, Moksha, and Enlightenment?
  4. It doesn’t exist a final death -science proofed by the Research done on 996 people.
  5. The worst and cruelest verses of the Quran and the Bible.
  6. The Quran encourages to enslave, kill, rape and torture Nonbelievers of the Islam.
  7. What is God?
  8. How important is it to have a personal God relationship?
  9. How to connect to God?
  10. That sex is good and healthy.

Give your life a meaning or enjoy…

How to live a fulfilling life?

Consider please:

Nothing has a meaning until we give it a meaning. If we would enjoy our entire life, we don’t need a meaning for our life. Most people can’t enjoy their life even they can’t enjoy their working time… I will help you in this book to enjoy your entire life! Still, we should give our life a meaning that will direct our life. So that we know why we do this and not waste our time for meaningless things…

You will learn:

  1. Why can’t we enjoy our life?
  2. Why are good relationships more important than wealth and success?
  3. Why should we care for our intimacy relationships?
  4. Why do we need to enjoy our Job?
  5. Why do we need a goal setting?
  6. Why can’t we rely on our kids as the meaning of life?
  7. Why should we fulfill our heart desires?
  8. Why is it essential to have a mission?
  9. Why should we stop regretting instead to do it?
  10. Why should we learn to go beyond our desires?
  11. Why do we need to be connected with God/divine?
  12. Why can God/Divine give us a meaning of life?

Have Faith in the Lord!

This book describes in many stories how you can gain Faith in God.

I have written this book for God, to promote Faith in God.
All stories inside of this book are authentic life stories from myself.
I start with my situation right now, the dramatical healing of terminal colon cancer of my girlfriend through Faith in the Lord!

  • And then I tell how the Lord saved my life again and again.
  • I explain: How to gain love and faith in God in every religion.
  • As a bonus I give insights:
  • Does exist the:
  • Kundalini;
  • Enlightenment;
  • life after death;
  • Moksha;
  • Paradise or Hell?

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The Longevity Companion
to enjoy aging and stay healthy!

I will answer all of those questions below and much more in my book.

  • How to enjoy aging and stay healthy?
  • Why are work and purpose important?
  • Why is inactivity so wrong?
  • Why is a good loving relationship important?
The longevity companion to enjoy aging and stay healthy!
  • How to prolong your life and stay healthy?
  • What food is best for aging?
  • Which food supplements do we need to stay healthy?
  • How to detoxify our organs and why is that so important?
  • How can we boost our immune system?
  • How to choose the best workouts for your body?
  • How can we sleep easily, so that the body can recover as much as possible during sleep?
  • How to heal alternative cancer, heart problems, brain dysfunction, hair loss, skin…?
  • The best for back pain, knee problems, joints, and bones.
  • The best info about death is to get rid of the fear of death!

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Das Geheimnis um glücklich
und erfolgreich zu werden

  • Wie können wir wahres Glück und wahre Liebe finden? Ich habe über 30 Jahre geforscht um die besten Methoden zu finden, die ich in diesem Buch beschreibe.
  • Wie können wir unser Leben in jeder Richtung ändern? Wenn wir Körper- und Gefühls- orientierte Therapie kombinieren mit Meditation wird es möglich sein.
  • Wie können wir unsere Liebe in unser Leben zurück bekommen?
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  • Wie können wir wirkliche Liebe in all unseren Beziehungen finden?
  • Wie können wir mehr erfüllte Beziehungen entwickeln?
  • Wie können wir unsere Probleme in unseren Arbeitsgebiet lösen?
  • Wie können wir unser Leben genießen, wenn alles gegen uns läuft?
  • Lerne das alles was wir manifestieren im Leben ein Ausdruck ist von dem was wir in uns haben.
  • Was ist wahre Glücklichkeitwirkliche Liebe und wirkliche Meditation?
  • Lerne die beste Therapie EFT.
  • Lerne, warum Meditation und Körperübungen notwendig sind um ein erfülltes Leben zu führen.
  • Und noch vielmehr finden wir in meinem Buch: Das Geheimnis um glücklich und erfolgreich zu werden.

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