Rudi Zimmerer

The Magic of Qigong

Why Qigong?

Today, we live in an unhealthy environment. Most of the people live an unhealthy lifestyle and are ill.
After the last Health Statistic of the USA: 1 of 3 Americans has heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure or diabetes.

Every effort, money, energy and time, I invested in my health and spirituality I got many times back.We can be healthy and vigor until our death with over 100, if we make Qigong.

If you see the YouTube (video above) of the 118 years old Kung Fu and Qigong Grandmaster Lu Zijian who is healthy and vigor. Lu Zijian lived even a stressful life and ate the polluted non-vegan Chinese food. In China live a lot of Qigong master over 115 years old. And his Immortal Qigong you will learn in my book " The Magic of Qigong", that is responsible for his longevity and health.

Do you think it is coincident to live a long life, to be vigor and healthy until death with Qigong?

Qigong is working for our health since 1000 of years and will work today too. And worked even for the warriors during the wars. What is more stressful than war? Lu Zijian was fighting for his life many times and killed in duels 10 people; he was 10 years in prison, and during an assassination, his wife was murdered.

If Lu Zijian can live so long and remain fit and healthy, You can do too!!!!

The 118-year-old Grandmaster Lu Zijian is performing Qigong

Before you heal your body, heal first your soul.

For the Chinese Healing, Energy Blockages cause the diseases. Suppressed negative emotions or an unhealthy lifestyle cause the Energy Blockages. With Qigong, you can release the negative suppressed emotions and unblock the Energy Blockages.

Prevention is the best Doctor.

The concept of Qigong is to prevent any diseases and to make the body healthy. Most of the diseases are coming slowly, and when you recognize them early enough, you can prevent them or heal them fast.

For instance, a Root Chanel Inflammation of a tooth. In the beginning, you feel uneasy to bite on this tooth. You feel pain when you press on the gum or hitting with the back of a spoon against the tooth

In this state, you can heal the Root Chanel Inflammation with chewing cloves, ice cubes and to lead the energy from the tooth down to the Lower Dantien. If it is getting worse, Colloidal Silver or Antibiotic will help.

The Magic of Qigong!

With the Immortal Qigong,
Fulfilling Bliss and Tao-Love.

In this book, you will learn the most efficient Qigong. You will discover all the secrets of Qigong that never had been published in one book before. And you need only one hour per day to become healthy and vigor. With the Immortal Qigong is long levity over 100 years possible.

This book teaches you:

  1. Do You want to release fast and efficient your negative emotions? With the Tao 5 Elements and the Healing Sounds, you can do so.
  2. Do You want to balance your Energy in your body? With Tao Two Hand Method and the Healing Sounds, you can do so.
  3. Do You want Peace in your mind and experience Bliss? With my moving Qigong, you will gain that and excellent Health.
  4. Do You want to Live Long and to be Healthy and Vigor? With the Immortal Qigong from Lu Zijian (Lu Zijian died with 118 and was vigor and healthy until his end), you achieve that, and you will get Bliss and Peace in mind.
  5. Do You want to Enjoy Your Sex, to have a longer Climax and even to Heal our body? With the Tao-Love, you do so.
  6. Do you have problems to learn new things? You can easily learn my Qigong with my videos. For free, You can download and see my Qigong videos.

You need for healing to be relaxed, to accept your diseases, to be thankful that you are alive and to have faith that you will cure your illness.

What is if you have no time for Qigong?

  1. The Tao 5 Elements need 10 minutes.
  2. The Tao Two Hands with the healing sounds takes in the beginning 20 minutes later 3 minutes.
  3. The Moving Qigong takes 10 minutes.
  4. The Immortal Qigong needs 55 minutes.
  5. Tao Love… How long you want your climax?

I do all the Qigong above every day. These are the most efficient Qigong Exercises I found in 30 years.

How to gain time?

Throw away your stupid box called TV, without TV life is much better! Make FB only once a day and check your emails only 1 or 2 times a day.

The sitting meditation of the Immortal Qigong you can also do on the bus,… everywhere.