Why we need a life story that serves us?

We all are identified with stories that we think are true for our being….
We belief on these stories, like: why we are successful or failing… And many times we are even not aware of these life stories.

For instance, we think that we have to work hard in order to make our living…. Life is hard. We never will get what we want… Dreaming is bad. We are just normal… and so on… Through our life stories we can block out our opportunities.

If we want to change our life we have to change our life stories…. What is if we don’t know them?

We ask our self first negative question over 2 weeks, feel the feelings that are coming up, repeat them again and again… For instance: Why I can’t find the great love? Why I can’t be rich, successful? Why I don’t deserve: to be rich, to have a great loving relation ship?

The reason, why we ask us negative question is, that we need the cause/reason for our dilemma in order that we can change.

After the 2 weeks we ask ourself positive questions again for two weeks. Why I find (great love…)…? Why I deserve to (be rich…)… ? And then we make up a new story for our life… I deserve to have a loving relationship because my heart is open, I love to surrender … . I am intelligent, communicative, flexible, creative, a good salesman, will do everything…

And then the last question is: How we can get what we want…. ?

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