5 Signs You Are Chosen


Sign #1 You never quite fit in…
You never felt to be right here.
You felt there was a separation between you and the world or the people.
You feel out of place.
That is not for me, it doesn’t fit me…
So then you like to speak the truth, regardless of what…
Because you can be the chosen one that goes into solitude.

Sign #2 You move & question.
You move around and you question a lot…
You are looking for the truth.
You question what you have been told…
You recondition yourself.

Sign #3 You’ve lived many lives.
You may feel that you have lived many lifetimes in your life.
You go through a lot of experiences, and pain.
You have changed often your jobs, interests, habits, places, businesses, relationships, and schools, …
Because we are here to help people, to bring light to the world.

Sign #4
The world changes.
You got some spiritual experience, like Near death experience.
You lose all that you have owned and start a new life.
You become authentic, no show anymore.

Sign #5
You have experienced many traumas.
And you have healed your traumas.
You have a lot of experience…
So, you have learned to overcome your traumas, instead, to live in your traumas.
And all of your pain was for a reason to help other people…
You have learned to care for yourself.

My Video: 5 Signs You Are Chosen https://youtu.be/g8dURxoqyqE
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast2/5-Signs-You-Are-Chosen.mp3




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