Are 5 times praying enough?

My video: Are 5 times praying enough?

For sure not, if we compare how much time we lose on our smartphone, tablet or PC…

If we want to gain faith in God or even better to connect to God, we have to do much more. Without surrendering to God, we can’t gain that.

For instance, I have decided for myself to live a religious life, this means, to be honest, to care for people and to surrender my life to God.

On the other hand, the great religion leaders have total failed, remember the sex scandals from the Catholic Church…The pastors sexual abused the kids and no punishment so that 50% of the American Catholics left the church…(Pope Benedict resigned because he was facing criminal charges by the People’s Common Law for crimes against humanity perpetrated by the Vatican church. Slaughter of innocent Native children in Canada, poisoning of populations, human trafficking, child torture, and many more things.)

For the Dalai Lama, everything is good,… Chögyam Trungpa for instance, the famous Meditation Master, died from liver cirrhoses because of his alcohol consume!!!

Rich families are buying a Lama title for their first child; Rinpoches (high religious leaders) procreate secretly or openly their own kids, and for sure their kids are Rinpoches, or you can buy this title… Today after a 6-week meditation course you can teach meditation… I can’t understand that the monks eat animals, beat children who like to become monks; and at the same time saying, they have compassion for every being. The sex and corruption scandals of the Thai monks are normal.

The Hindu Guru sex and corruption scandals are devastating, read the books: “Holly Hell” (over Mata Amritananda Mai Devi) or “Cartwheels in a Sari” (over Sri Chinmoy). India is the biggest slaughterhouse in the world. And even for the Indian Hindus, it is forbidden to eat and kill animals.

For the Muslim in the Turkey, it is recently allowed to marry girls under 16 and to have sex with them and why death penalty for girls who had approached a man in Iran without sex…? The German’s young girls are afraid to go alone out, because of the Syrian refugees in Germany who are raping them. For the Muslim men in worse Muslim Countries, women/girls have no rights, no soul…

Why are the religion leaders against SEX, even they have SEX secretly and abuse us when we enjoy SEX? SEX has nothing to do with GOD, Religion!!!!

The basic fundamentals of any Religion are, to be honest, to care for the divine/God/Allah and to care for the people.

If we see the whole picture:

With all these abusing of God, Religion, Sex (double moral).
Enjoying brutal, rude movies.
Making wars just out of fun.
Printing money like crazy…
What can we expect for our future?
Do you really think that God will help and protect us under these circumstances?

If God would have created a perfect world, who would think any more of God. (Attar)?


YouTube about the Pope

Wikipedia Trungpa ).


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