5 types of people, you can’t trust.


When you like to live your highest purpose, you have to know which people you can trust for advice.

1. Don’t trust peers and friends when you like to go upward the social ladder…

Chinese Proverb… It is the highest joy to see your friend falling from the roof!

When I climbed up rapidly on the social ladder or on the spiritual ladder, I lost all of my friends because of jealousy…

For instance, you like to be an entrepreneur and earn big money, and be successful.
All of your friends or peers who are not entrepreneurs will give you the worst advice to keep you on their level…
Many of them are jealous and become your worst enemies…
Forget them, leave them alone, otherwise they push you down!

2. Don’t trust neighbors or acquaintances…
They don’t know enough from you to advise you.
And most are jealous to see you advance.

3. Don’t trust your parents or family members.
Mostly they can’t advise you and they are jealous.

The parents don’t like, that you take significant risks because it is too risky for them that you fail. And you should do what they want and not what you want.

My parents, two academics, didn’t want that I study and become an engineer. They thought that I am too stupid…
When I got my engineering degree, they ignored it and didn’t want that!
Then I changed my personality to become spiritual and religious… My parents opposed that and kicked me out, which I appreciated.

The solution is simply to avoid speaking about what can offend your family and go your own way.
Don’t share your plans.
Encourage them…

4. Teachers and preachers, institutional leaders…

They can’t advise you when you are going on a different path for them.

5. Spouse or partner
If your spouse or partner opposes, that you want to change your life and become what you want, then this doesn’t fit.
If your spouse like to support you or like to work with you together, perfectly. …
You write down exactly what you intend to do and why you like to do that and how you want to do it.
Then you give “your manifest” to your spouse so that your spouse has a chance to understand you and to read it again and again, …
Look what happens…

My Video: 5 types of people, you can’t trust. https://youtu.be/9F8BKaEiSzE
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast2/5-types-of-people-you-can’t-trust.mp3



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