8 strategies to lose easier weight…

1.) Mindfulness

If we start to become mindful (without judging) what we eat then our body lose weight.

The worst case is always to judge yourself or to give yourself a bad consciousness for the things that you are doing or aren’t doing.

Because a bad consciousness can keep us in any bad habit forever.

First, make a diary about everything that you eat on a daily basis. If possible get a small scale and measure the quantity.

Second, accept your bad habits for gaining weight.

For instance:

6:00 – 6:30 AM Workout with stretching and Qigong
6:30 – 7:00 AM Meditation

7 o’clock, breakfast with a green smoothy, (200g bananas, 50g salad, 300g pears, 100g orange, 150g Kefir milk, 1tbsp honey),

7:30 AM 7 Km Bicycle ride, medium speed against the wind to your working place.

10 AM one medium apple and 2 big size bananas.

2.) Look, that you eat a lot of fiber.

Choose full grain flour over normal flour for all food with grains. For instance: brown rice or basmati rice.
Never eat white sugar again. Instead choose honey, brown sugar,…
Food with fiber will satisfy our appetite without adding too many calories.

3.) Don’t eat industrially processed food like the tomato ketchup, instead, put the fresh tomatoes into a fruit mixer… Cooked tomatoes are very acid and so bad.

With industrially processed food, it is impossible to trust our appetite. Because the industrially processed food has ingredients that block our barriers to stop eating so that we overeat.
Remember, we need fresh vitamins and enzymes and not that garbage food.

4.) Probiotic. We need for a good digestion a healthy gut flora and that we get through Probiotic. All of our food has ingredients that kill our healthy gut flora.

Every day, even I (as a raw cost eater) eat fermented vegetables or Kimchi as a Probiotic. Kefir milk is a Probiotic, too.
Understand, 90% of Chinese/South Asian have a milk allergy.
When You can’t eat that, take Probiotic. With Probiotic your health and immune system will become much better.

5.) Sleep better and longer to lower your stress level.
A lack of sleep will increase our stress level… A higher stress level will cause that you eat more.

6.) Suppressed sex will lead to fatness.
When the males and females don’t enjoy sex they eat more…
So more corpulent a female is so less sexual arousal will the female feel.
More sex will lead also to a lower stress level…
Sex is good for you.

7.) Exercise more that will lower your food consumption and your stress level. Instead of exercising your jaw (for eating) exercise more of the rest of your body.

8.) Instead of focusing on only your weight loss, focus on your healthy lifestyle.
It is always so if we focus only on our goal we sabotage ourselves.
The path is our goal. And so we relax!
How do we do it? I hope with fun@!

My Video: 8 strategies to lose easier weight… https://youtu.be/YMHCcIp_pXc
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/rudizimmerer/5/8+strategies+to+lose+easier+weight.mp3

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