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For what is Testosterone?
The major effect of testosterone is to make an effort to feel good.
Supports sex and androgenizing parts of the body.

Relationship between testosterone and dopamine…
Both are located in the pituitary system.

Cholesterol can be made into cortisol a stress hormone or testosterone, but not both.

Anger converts Cholesterol into cortisol and stress and so you are slowly depleted from testosterone…

What to do?
Enjoy what you are doing and testosterone will produced from Cholesterol, which makes effort feel good.

When efforts feel good, life just gets better.
It is not the goal, it is the path to accomplish something that feels good!

Does sex promote testosterone?
Yes …

If we see pornography we increase our testosterone to 10% and if we have sex, we increase our testosterone to 70%.
Sex without ejaculation for a week or more or no sex will increase testosterone to 400%.
Abstinence of sex will increase testosterone even further.

Be a nose breather and breathe so also during the night.

Get exposed to bright light or sunlight at least for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning every day…
And avoid bright light exposure during the night, because you block dopamine.

Weight lifting without failure leads to the highest testosterone level.
This means hard bodywork leads to more testosterone!
Too much bodywork reduces testosterone.

Vitamin D3,
and Mg for supporting Testosterone.

What is, if you can increase your Testosterone by taking supplements?

Creatine is very important in producing DHT, which is even better than Testosterone. 6g take before doing sport.
Tongkat Ali 100-200mg and Fadogia (600mg) boost our Testosterone. Take both together!

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