Adapt to the situation

Adapt to the situation instead of to follow blinds rules.

Don’t be a philosopher surrender to the rules of the market/society. – Osho

Because you can’t teach the people to follow your rules.

See these so NOBLE moralities/rules/principles from Countries which are making one war after the next or have been destroyed and are ruled from their enemies…

Do you really think that these principles are working everywhere/every time?

These positive rules are working SOMETIMES.

For instance, When I was 10 years ago in Brasilia, in the night, I was attacked on the beach from 5 young guys same size/strength like me with a pistol…

Do good; – be kind to everybody…?

Do you think that these principles would have worked out?

What I should do in this situation?

I threw myself to the ground and were kicking with my feet and boxing with my hands…
Moral Apostle: “Oh, How cruel are you, how can you hurt these guys?”

Then Devi Kali was coming to me entered my body and transformed me into a fighting machine…

Moral Apostle: “How awful, Kali is evil, there doesn’t exist a form of God…!! That is nonsense… !!”

Within 10 seconds, I jumped up, kicked away the pistol and attacked the next guy to the same time I was screaming… The guys ran for their life, I behind them ready to kill them….

Moral Apostle: “How Cruel? How could you do so … ?”
I am ready to do it again!!!!

If you understand this story,

1.) life is not peaceful,
3.) we have to fight,
2.) we have also to use every emotion to get things done…
3.) wars are necessary to erase the wicked people and the negative suppressed feelings of the society.

You can transform somebody to be a better guy when you scare him/her.

In Myanmar 20 years ago, you could put your money purse on the street and nobody would steal it and there had been no drug addicted person….
Because the communist government killed every criminal and Junkie.

Don’t spoil the people with your kindness and loveliness. – Sri Aurobindo

Look around you and see how the kids got spoiled through their lovely parents… So that the kids, (later adults) can not stick to any rule. These kids are dishonest, weak or live in Tamas…

Nice behaviors can make people bad…

Adapt to the situation, even it is so difficult.

And to think when you have done it good for other people that the people will remember that will rarely happen.

Ungrateful is the world reward. (Bible)

You do good to other people because you want to serve God. And God will reward that.
To be good can be also to punish people until they don’t do the crime again!!!

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