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All you want to know about death.

I found an awesome video on Youtube about this topic…
I was 3 times already clinical dead (NDE).
I want to help you to understand and accept death.

A survey of Near Death Experience or NDE caused by cardiac arrest was made by Dr. Peter Fernwick (his book: the art of dying).

He made a survey of 2000 responses of NDE, from people who never have heard about a NDE before, but had a NDE.

The results are:

A.) The NDE is different from our upbringing, religions faith, culture.
The Western People have more tunnel experience with lights and the Japanese watch to cross a river… Both experiences I never had.

B.) The NDE has a very big impact on our life… My life changed totally and I am grateful for that… Because money, success became meaningless …. Love, happiness, contentment make more sense!

C.) Is there a consciousness beyond the brain that functions after death?
Yes, this was also for me true. I left just my body and my body is just like a cage or prison…

D.) Is the consciousness beyond the brain? Does our brain filter out information of that consciousness? Or is our consciousness only in the brain?
Science can prove both. But sense makes only that our consciousness is beyond the brain.

E.) Is there a state beyond our duality when we experience death…?
Living in the here and now…?
Absolutely yes, after so many surveys have been done from NDE and dying people in the hospice… My experience is that I became the neutral witness without judging… Even I saw my dead body and these stupid doctors who had caused my death…. There was no future, past only this moment…

Afterward, Dr. Peter Fernwick made his next survey about the death, interviewed the nurses working in hospices and compared this with other well known surveys…

What is the dying process in a hospice or in a place where the people can die in peace…

1. 14 days before the death, the deathbed visitors are coming. These people like to go in your room or stay outside of your room but they don’t like to sit close to you… Because they are scared. For instance my previous girlfriend has cancer in the third state, she will not die… When I heard that from her, I was scared to be physically close to her…Yes, I thought how lousy I am… then I embraced her…

2. You will realize that you will die and that is shocking.

3. You have to give up your attachments to your spouse, family, wealth… Otherwise it will hurt a lot! So the more you are self-centered or have guild, the more difficult it will be.

4. You have to give up your ego, personal attachment to your body…

5. If you do so, you merge with the universe to get the non-duality…

6. Before you die, you will sit up in your bed, even if you were before paralyzed, or unable… to say bye bye to the visitors.

7. Many nurses (35% of the nurses) have watched flooded light (spiritual light) that fades with the dying.

8. Birds are coming to the window and dogs, cats are howling.

9. Clocks are stopping during the death…

10. Dreams of the dear ones are happening of the dying people. For instance, when my first guru Bhagwan/Osho died, I had my worst nightmares in my entire life. Even I was not his devotee anymore and didn’t know that he was dying.


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