Alternative healing is not for everybody

If you are severely sick and want to heal your chronicle disease holistic…
Then You have to do EVERYTHING to get that healed!!!!!!
It is strenuous and you can have your fun with that… Why not?

For instance, I had a severe scoliosis, flat back, disk was broken the other disks protruded outside…
I healed that all but not perfectly…
Until today I try out every exercise that I find to make my back better…
Still, my both shoulders are not on the same level… that is not perfect.
My spine has not the ideal S-form…
Can I improve my back, even at my age of over 60 years?
Yes, a total yes!
I had the goal to swing my arms over my head and then down through my legs 100 times within 2 minutes.
I did that within 3 months… in the last half year…!

For over 35 years I get confronted to help to heal cancer.
I learned and learned new strategies and the best alternative doctors and healers became my friends…

If I see that the attitude is not working for healing, I give up…
Even it is my best friend!

Because we never can convince a person for true healing, when that person is not ready for that!

Let them get the surgery, the pill, Chemotherapy, … from the doctor…
Don’t waste any energy and time with that complaining person…

Alternative healing requires very much energy, time, faith from that patient.
And if the patient gives up the alternative healing? …

The patient has to be 100% convinced by himself that the healing will happen…
Without faith no healing can work out…
Faith is the most important thing for healing!

Then it doesn’t make sense to push a patient to do the alternative healing.
Because he will give up!
Don’t do so!

My friend said:
The world is already perfect!
Everybody has to go his own path!
Everybody has to decide for himself!
We can give only some suggestions and offer our help!

My video: Alternative healing is not for everybody
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