You are the average of your 5 friends

Or be the leader!

If we can’t find the right friends that are fitting to our lifestyle, still, we can choose to help our friends to adopt a better lifestyle.

Recently, I trekked on the Mount Apo (Philippines). It was a must to have a guide and all the camp equipment, that I didn’t have. So I chose to join a group…. For me is most important to meditate, make Qigong and eat only raw food.

In the night the guides, porters, group members ate their nonvegan meal and drunk a lot of brandy. Should I join or should I adapt to my healthy lifestyle?

I meditated inside of my tent in the morning and night. My exercises and Qigong I made in front of the group. The people made their jokes, I didn’t care, even I am an introvert.

Afterwards, I said: Great, I am making my Qigong and be surrounded by monkeys!!!

We don’t need to be the average of our friends! Why not be the leader of our friends.

Who cares what others think about you? Maybe only You!!!

Why we can’t do what we want?

Why not doing the things what we want in any way, regardless what our friends or family think???

Nobody can accomplish something great when he has not the bones to stand out of the mass.

Why shouldn’t you change your friends or separate from your family when they hold you back?

I have done both and I never will regret that!!!

Don’t be the average of your friends, be the best that you can be!!!

My Video: You are the average of your 5 friends

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