Rudi Zimmerer

Be vulnerable

If not, then you numb your emotions.
Then you can’t feel:
Then you are depressed.
Can’t express what is inside of you.
Can’t share your emotions.
Can’t connect with people.
Don’t have real loving relationships.
And love hurt at most!
If you are vulnerable
You can get easily:
Emotional hurt.
Vulnerability is:
It is not about winning.
It is not about losing.
It is about showing up and being seen.
This is who I want to be.
I want to create.
I want things that didn’t exist before I touched them.
I want to show up and be seen in my work and in my life.
And if you do so.
There is only one guarantee,
And that is you will get your ass kicked.
That is the only certainty you have.
If you are going into the Arena.
And spend any time in there.
You will get ass kicked…
It is not the critic who counts.
It’s not the man who points out.
How the strong man stumbles.
Or where the doer of deeds could have done it better.
The credit belongs to the person.
Who’s actually in the Arena.
Whose face is marred with blood and sweat and dust?
Who at best in the end knows the triumph of high achievement.
And who at worst, if he fails, he fails, daring greatly.
(Quote: Franklin Roosevelt, President of the USA from 1932 until 1945)
What would you try if you knew people would never say this about you…
What would that or what would this be?
The problem is that we have learned to hide our problems or secrets that would disclose about painful things that nobody should know…
In all self-finding groups, like self-experience, Encounter, Bioenergetic, Gestalt…
We have to tell everyone about our biggest secrets to free ourselves from our burdens…
When everybody is doing that the entire group is transformed into honesty and vulnerability.
Because we all want to hide something to look better?!
The greatest sellers on the stage like Joel Bauer or Gerry Roberts are doing just that, to disclose the most painful moments in their lives to connect with the auditorium…
And that worked and made them the greatest seller.
Hiding is not working for anybody.
And if you have bad luck, somehow a kid or a drunken person will disclose your secrets…
You can’t avoid it!
Then don’t try it.
Criticism makes us better, be thankful for every Criticism.
If it doesn’t stick, don’t care, let it go…
And if it hits you, fine, then you have learned something new about yourself, that you can improve!
We have learned so far that vulnerability connects and sells at best and numbs emotions disconnects and isolates.
Isolation is a today disease number one.
Today we want to show how great we are on social media…
And that is low confidence.
An integer person would never do so!
But most have chosen, not to feel their uncomfortable emotions, – fear, despair, sadness, anger and that promotes suicide, obesity, and drugs!
The positive thinker movement, even promotes not showing and having uncomfortable emotions.
If you numb your uncomfortable feelings you numb also your positive emotions, like joy, gratitude, happiness, and love.
Then we feel miserable.
Instead to be authentic and say sorry when we are wrong!
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