Be yourself!

Be yourself!
Or don’t pretend to be something different…. When I was a child we were playing to be mother, father, John Wayne, the fireman, the policeman, pilot, chief,…

There was in a movie a punk; and a lawyer asked the punk for what are you making this masquerade? The punk said the different between you and me is, that I know that I am wearing a mask and you don’t know that.

A famous actor said, Isn’t it so that we see the best actors in life, everybody is just acting and not himself. And later in life I could see the same… That mainly all people like to pretend to be something, in order to identify with one role…

I could never be identify with any role or that I should be something. I had even a hard time to be a man… because I saw that I have also very many female habits… So that I didn’t/don’t want to be anything and later I want only to be in the flow…

What happens if we try to be something and not to be what we are really… then we start to cheat us and other and are fixed to play a role in our and in other lives. We become a robot who can smile, laugh, cry to fixed described moments… So that it is easy for the environment to know in advance how we act. That makes it easy to manipulate us.

I ask where is the life. Is it not so, that the beauty in a child is in it authenticity? Then I hear the argument if I would be angry, weak, full of emotion my spouse, chief will abandon me. If so then You are together with the wrong people…

When I was a student we had a very kindly secretary age about 55, and she was working for two professor, organizing their stuff. Never less she was always there to help us. I had a big problem with one professor I went to her. Before I could open the door I heard inside a very angry man shouting on this lovely woman. I got angry. And then I heard her shouting, even two times louder than him and this professor left in panic with a red face the room. After some time I entered the room, said pardon what had happened. She was as usual very kindly and explained me her life philosophy. She said I work always over time and like to do my best. If somebody is complaining in such an angry matter I defeat myself. This is the second time that he did this with me; and again I make a disciplinary hearing against him…

Even I have shouted very angry quite often on my chiefs, never I got something negative back…

If we are angry, sad we keep in contact with the other person with our eyes and if possible with hour hands too.
Then mainly nothing can happen. And if we don’t keep contact for instance in the car, we can’t control the situation, or see and feel the emotion of the other person, and this makes it so worse.

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