How to become self confident?

My video: How to become self confident?

You can not buy it, you can not dress it up, cannot eat it, you cannot manufacture it by yourself….
You have to build self confidence.
Self confidence is coming from solving big problems, going through hard times and to become a winner.
Doing the things you are scared to do.
Going in front of people and doing the scary things… saying the scary things, admitting your secrets, mistakes that you have done…

Even then we can lose our self confidence quite fast, in a new situation….
Then I expose myself to be vulnerable, to be vulnerable and to admit that I have fear, feel hurt, being angry… my mistakes, bad habits,…
Or simple be authentic, then in any case: you don’t need to be self confidence always… you stutter … and what is the problem?
You are perfect hu(wo)man being … to make perfect mistakes in front of the other… Who cares… only you…
What people think about you is their business and not your business….

It is so easy and even recommend from the greatest marketing expert in this galaxy… Joel Bauer… Joel Bauer’s favorite strategy is to admit his mistakes… in order to remove the distance to other people, to become intimate… This means the people love your mistakes more than your achievements….

To program your self confidence with affirmation. hearing sublime recordings, hypnosis mp3 will not work…

If we fake confidence, that will harm us more, than we will profit from it. Because we build up a barrier to other people, we will lose the connection … for what? I am perfect with to be imperfect, then I don’t need to make a show, I just show up as I am… It is so easy, and this is one reason why we love children so much…

Rich Litvin told his story… When I saw this amazing women, which I loved to date… I felt so insecure… I went just to her, told her: you are such a beautiful girl and my heart is beating like crazy and I feel so insecure to speak with you… 10 days later they married…

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