Best exercises for back pain

Do these exercises, start with exercise 1 and then at the end with exercise 4

First exercise: to relax the lower back, hips…

Lay down on the back, lift up the thighs vertically to 90 degrees and the lower legs again 90 degrees, and put under the lower legs a support, like a chair, bench, bed… And relax. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes.

Second exercise: Yoga Cat-cow stretch
Imagine a cat or dog and…
Kneel with your knees on the ground and put your hand palms with straight arms on the ground… so that you look like a cat…
Then you breathe slowly, deeply in, and while doing so you bend the back a little bit down and the head up.
When you breathe out you press the back up like doing a cat hump and the head you bend to your breast.
This you do for 5 minutes very slowly… The back will relax…

3 Exercise: Rotating your hips and thighs while lying down on your back.
You lay down on your back, lift your thighs vertical upward, and lower legs touching your thighs. And then you rotate your thighs in big and small circuits and with this, your pelvis is rotating too. That will relax again your back and pelvis.
We want also to stretch. We bend the thighs to the left and right side so that your thighs are touching the ground and have a 90-degree angle to your body.

4. Exercise: Do a half-somersault.
You lay down on your back lift up your thighs vertically, let your lower legs touch your thighs, and press with your arms your thighs slowly down so that your knees touch your shoulders… Remain in this position while breathing slowly in and out for some time. Then you bend your back, release your arms, put the arms backward, and press with your straight arms on the ground so that you can touch with your knees the ground behind your shoulders… Then you swing your body backward so that your body is in a sitting position. Do that half somersault again and again as I have described before.

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