Beyond Death

If we see this Video (Link at the end) “Beyond Death” about the Religious.
The question: What happens after the death…

We can understand that the Religions had the monopoly of monetizing the death!
The promise is/was, you do what we want, so that you gain the Paradise, Moksha, Nirvana… When you pass by…

The Aztecan/Mayas in Mexico, Peru, and the Egyptians have built huge pyramids for their Priests.

The Believe was:

When the priests died, the priests were responsible for the life and survival of the earth and sun. So, the dead priests should pray, and only if they do so the Earth and Sun could survive…

Without Religion no Life on earth is possible.

The Aztecs were sacrificing Millions of beautiful virgins for the Sun God, so that the Sun could shine… The priests slaughtered the virgins in front of the public, and cut out the living heart of the virgins to distribute to the mass… How cruel is that?

The Egyptian slaves built huge channels to transport the big stone (1-2 tons) to the pyramids, to build these pyramids… No help from the Aliens!

All sacrifice for nothing!

Then we see the death celebration in Varanasi. We hear this stupid believe that when you die in Varanasi you never get reborn…

So, the Hindu and Buddhist religions have the negative belief that life is suffering.
The same Faith had the Christians before the “Fall of Constantinople”.

The idea is to monetize (good business for Varanasi) the death…

If we look towards Jerusalem, where Jesus died, we find the Cathedral and the place where Jesus was crucified as the holiest Christian place…
You go there and pray there, then you will get the same eternal life like Jesus when you die… ! Good business!

I had the fortune that I had been 3 times in my life a Near Death Experience…

There is no Death… And there was never a Death.

Science tells us: You cannot destroy energy! You can only transform energy!

The most important thing is the Lord, Allah,…

To do business with the death of people is called a Religion…
That is disgusting!

We surrender our life to the Lord selflessly without any regret…
The Lord will take care of us when we live accordingly…
We don’t risk our life or health for stupid things like money…
We maintain a healthy lifestyle.
We keep a healthy attitude.
We enjoy our life and sexuality.
We surrender our life to God and Love.
And his will (God‘s will) should happen.

All the holy places become holy through the people who worship those places.

If you go to Konya (Turkey),
Varanasi (India),
Boudhanath Stupa (Kathmandu),
Dakshineswar Kali Temple Kolkata (Room of Ramakrishna),
Lhasa (Tibet),…

You will experience the eternal energy, …
Then you can understand better, there is something that is beyond of our mind…
And this has nothing to do with the disgusting Moneymaking Machine call Religion!


My Video: Beyond Death
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Beyond death



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