Can animals think and feel?

Actually, our brain comes from animals.
We don’t have even the biggest brain …. We always want to be superior… How comes?

We think maybe human beings have a mind and not so the animals…
To discover the mind of a friend, we watch his behavior…

For instance, if we look at the behavior from elephants…
If they like to rest with their kids, they are looking for a place with a shade… like the human

Can the elephants think?

We record the conversations of tourists and record the conversations of herders who sometimes hurt an elephant.

If we play with hidden loudspeakers, the conversations of the tourists in front of the wild elephants and the elephants ignore that. Because they know that tourists will not hurt them.

But if we play the conversation of the herders in front of the wild elephants… the wild elephants flee in fear… Because they know that the herders can be dangerous…

This means the elephants can discriminate and put different kinds of humans in different categories… They know what is going on.

They know who their friends or their enemies are.

The animal’s priorities are even the same…
Protect your kids and your life so that life continues.

Animals even teach their skills to their kids.
And the kids are curious.

What is about love, affection, empathy, and sympathy?
The animals showing so much affection and love, maybe more than human…

Empathy is to match the mood with your companions… If a herd of animals is detecting danger, all members of the herd are getting fear and flee.
Empathy is feeling with another, I see you happy, it makes me happy.

Sympathy is feeling for another…. You are sad, and I feel not the same as you, I feel sympathy… Yes, that is also true for your pet!

Are the animal conscious of what they do?

After definition, we are unconscious when we get general anesthesia… Then we can’t feel and think anymore…

When we have a sensation of the world around us, we are conscious and so the animals.

Can still animals think and feel?
If we have a dog and he comes to us, we know what he needs, and the dog knows that we will get the job done… Like to go out with him … or the cat wants to be fondled, the cats comes to us, and we fondle the cat, and the cat feels be loved…

Big killer whales have never killed any human even they kill and eat much bigger sea animals.
So they can discriminate …

And human beings kill and destroy everything.

Human beings are the most extreme beings on this planet, and so they are superior to animals …?

Do humans have enough
love to let life on earth survive?

And now we can understand that animals are superior in feeling and thinking!

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