Can Meditation harm You?

I say absolutely Yes! Still, I recommend it.

If we want to write a motorcycle we should learn first to ride a bicycle.

Irresponsible Meditation teachers even give the beginner a big motorcycle (a 10-day Meditation retreat with 9 hours Meditation/day) and expect that you can ride the big heavy motorcycle without practicing anything before.

Stop that nonsense. Such Meditation retreats can cause neuroses, psychoses and can end in psychotic behavior with suicide.

Most of the Meditation teachers don’t understand Meditation because they teach suppression of feelings and thoughts instead to learn to watch and accept them.

The people are coming to them, because of their great reputation that these Meditation masters have never deserved.

A Meditation master who gives meditation retreats for everybody should be jailed!!!

Don’t spoil Meditation. Meditation is the greatest thing and has to be taught naturally and very slowly. The teachers of Osho, the Dao and the Sufis teach meditation in a slow approach because they know Meditation can be dangerous.

Because of our tricky ego, the Meditation needs to be tricky too. In the beginning, we have to trick out our Ego to connect with the divine. And that can be dangerous if we make too much Meditation in the beginning.

Our today disease is that we want too much too fast… We meditate for some minutes and over some months we increase the time of meditation. That is the principle of KaiZen.

We start at home or on a Meditation course with body exercise that relaxes our body and mind and afterward with a short meditation.

Meditation has always a focus and never a goal. All these so holly goals, like Nirvana, Moksha, Enlightenment, Hell, and Heaven had never existed. Even today, the pope said there is no Heaven or Hell. (Read my book: Why the Religions have failed and not God.)

Only through Meditation, we can enjoy our life or the “here and now”. Because through Meditation we get so much bliss and inside happiness that we don’t depend on worldly pleasures so much.
Who wonders that I was over 12 years in Meditation retreats? I started with baby steps and at the end, I could do the retreats even for 9 months! I got adored for my Meditation from the President of the Hindus….

Meditation is not for suppressing our problems, feelings … Through Meditation we learn to solve our problems fast and efficient without being attached.

We get detached when we learn to watch our feelings, thoughts and our nonsense in our brain.

Meditation should make us empty…
And is the best remedy against our longing for a distraction to suppress our feelings and thoughts.

Our thoughts are created to 80% through our anxiety. If you become fearful in your Meditation then learn to watch your fears. After some time the fears are gone through watching of them. Feel your fears and don’t be your fears. (Zen)

We can make out of every task a meditation. Even when we have sex we can make out of it a meditation. For that has created Shiva the sexually Techniques inside of the Tantra and the Chinese have created the Tao-Love.

Real Meditation is to connect to the divine /God and through that, we get bliss and stillness in our mind.

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