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I can’t die, I am Energy…

I can’t die, I am Energy…
the last words from A. Einstein.
My video: I can’t die, I am Energy…
Inside of our body is the life force or life energy when we alive. When we pass bye, then what happens with this energy? We can’t destroy energy. We (our energy) leave our body, as soul/mind. This means we getting rid of this false identification with our body and become again the spirit.
And this is so true… I was three times clinical dead… I should know it. During my passing bye, I remembered the Golden Moments in my life in very intensive pictures… saw my body from the perspective of a bird, nothing to bother about. I could even enjoy it, and last time I didn’t want to come back…. Because I felt so free, no worries….
I have read that this is total normal… For what we have fear of death?
The Germans scientists had simulated the death on many people with drugs, read here, the entire report is as download link at the end.

Berlin | A team of psychologists and medical doctors associated with the Technische Universität of Berlin, have announced this morning that they had proven by clinical experimentation, the existence of some form of life after death. This astonishing announcement is based on the conclusions of a study using a new type of medically supervised near-death experiences, that allow patients to be clinically dead for almost 20 minutes before being brought back to life.

This controversial process that was repeated on 944 volunteers over that last four years, necessitates a complex mixture of drugs, destined to allow the body to survive the state of clinical death and the reanimation process without damage. The body of the subject was then put into a temporary comatic state.

Most common memories include a feeling of detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of an overwhelming light.

The scientists say that they are well aware the many of their conclusions could shock a lot of people, like the fact that the religious beliefs of the various subjects seems to have held no incidence at all, on the sensations and experiences that they described at the end of the experiment. Indeed, the volunteers counted in their ranks some members are a variety of Christian churches, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and atheists.

“I know our results could disturb the beliefs of many people” says Mr Ackermann. “But in a way, we have just answered one of the greatest questions in the history of mankind, so I hope these people will be able to forgive us. Yes, there is life after death and it looks like this applies to everyone.”

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