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Creatine for Anti-Aging
Creatine is a natural component of our body,
It is inside of beef, poultry, and fish.
Our body produces most of all Creatine by itself.
For instance, the animal with the highest muscle mass is a Gorilla and is vegan.
Creatine is used for our muscles and our brain.
I don’t want to go into all the details, because it is too complicated for most of all.
Normally, Creatine is used for building up faster muscles for bodybuilding and weight lifting.
Creatine has no side effects and is allowed for all athletes in world master ships and the Olympic games.
Reports from Athletes show that even after taking Creatine for 30 years, there were no side effects.
Today, research shows that Creatine is useful for aging and old age because:
It improves brain health.
It strengthens bones and muscles.
It prevents/reduces muscle loss (Sarcopenia) above the age of 60 years.
When we are older we have more problems with building up fast muscles, when eating normal food, because the digestion is getting worse.
For me are both not true, and I have proved that already because I eat only raw food and fermented food.
What Creatine we should take, pulverized, or as a supplement?
We prefer pure Creatine (monohydrate) pulverized without flavor and best when micronized because the supplements we can’t mix with water so it is more difficult to digest.
We blend it with any kind of liquid like green smoothies.
If we are aging or already are above 60 years we should take 2 -3 g Creatine per day, mixed in water, juice, or Smoothies.
If we want bigger muscles we take from 5 to 7g per day.
You take it before you train your muscles.
Benefits of Creatine:
If we take Creatine we can train harder and longer.
It increases our energy when we train.
It increases our strength.
After 6 to 8 weeks of taking Creatine, we can accomplish much more by weight lifting.
And the same benefits are getting seniors with age above 60 years.
It reduces muscle loss when we cannot train for a longer time.
Creatine is well-researched for:
Beneficial for Brain Loss.
Preventing Alzheimer’s when aging.
Beneficial for brain surgery.
Treatment of Depression
Prevent memory loss.
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