Criminalization of Sex-workers doesn’t work.

(From a TED talk, link at the end.)

No law or regulation could stop to sell sex!

Every regulation and law have made sex-workers unsafe and vulnerable:

1.) For exploitation from the police, clients, pimps, and brothels.
2.) Homicide through the clients, pimps, and brothels.
3.) To take Drugs because of forced prostitution.
4.) Trafficking of immigrants, kids for prostitution and working under slavery.

This means the laws and regulations for prostitution were mainly created to exploit the women who like to have an extra income!!!

Even if prostitution is allowed under specific rules… the laws make it unsafe…

For instance, they stop a woman with condoms and when she is a not a registered prostitute she is going to jail! Makes that sex safe?

Or if a female needs fast money… First, she needs to pay big money for the registration, health check… How can she pay for that?

What is if you are a very poor woman from the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and you need money for your kids, and one kid needs surgery?

If you make prostitution, you are a bad woman and a criminal. If your child dies, you are a bad mother! If you work in an unlawful brothel, you lose your freedom…

What is if you can’t sleep with everybody and want to have a choice?

As a prostitute, you don’t have a choice because it is dangerous to offer your service and it is difficult to choose! If you can’t choose your customer, it is much more dangerous.

If the police get you, you get raped in any case, and you will go to jail.

For instance, prostitution is forbidden in Thailand, and the police are making a fortune from the prostitutes. They have to pay 6000 THB every month to the police, the bar pays 20000 THB to the police, and the police can rape them…

If the prostitutes can’t work together with friends or a pimp like in England, they risk getting killed by their clients.

In Sweden, it is forbidden to buy sex… Every prostitute like to have protection and safety. In Sweden, the Clients are afraid to tell their name… because they don’t like to get punished through the law… And again the prostitutes live dangerously… Without knowing anything from their client, the prostitutes can easily be killed.

Every law and every regulation leads to exploitation and to a risk for the prostitute.

Because of that, New Zealand has decriminalized prostitution….

Still, this is not good enough. A prostitute should have the same rights as any other employee!

My Video: Criminalization of Sex-workers doesn’t work.
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