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Cure Dry Eyes With A Toothbrush


We want to cure the symptoms of dry eyes through Neurostimulation, which means vibration on the trigeminal nerve.

Scientists have discovered the trigeminal nerve plays a critical role in ocular surface health, symptomology, and overall homeostasis of your tears.

If you stimulate the trigeminal nerve you can increase the baseline of tears. The baseline of tears is the tears that are created naturally without emotions created tears or by the outside environment,- onions…

You can use for this procedure, an electrical vibrating toothbrush (the back of the head, without the brush), an electrical face massager, or a prostrate vibrator (to cure enlarged prostate), instead of a specially designed device called itear100, for that.

When you do so in the correct way with a strong vibration, then your tears will come and you will sneeze… After a week or so when massaging with such a device your trigeminal nerve, the symptoms will subside. You should massage your trigeminal nerve, 2 times per day for 30 seconds.

Where is the trigeminal nerve?

The easiest way to stimulate that nerve is in the middle of our nasal bone, on each side, above our nostril, and until the end of our nostril. We massage the left and the right side of our nose as described before. We are looking for a maximum of symptoms as I have described before, tears, running nose, and sneezing.

After 5 to 10 seconds, you will sneeze, the nose is running with nasal mucus, and drives tears in your eyes. What does not kill you makes you strong… You keep it for 30s.
Otherwise, the vibration is not strong enough or you didn’t hit the nerve.


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