Do what you are passionate about most.

Women marry guys who can provide them shelter and not the guys who they love at most.…
And this has a reason because the females like to build a nest for their kids.

And all of these lives lies we hear a lot…

Most married women are frustrated with their spouse; –
it depends on the country, estimate with 70% after 5 years marriage.

With our compromises, we cripple our lives.

A flower is so beautiful because the flower decides to be it-selves, no compromises it wants to flourish as it is.

It starts with anxiety,
Compromises on our vision.
Or to drop our vision completely.

Fear is a bad guide and a bad decision-maker.

We want to avoid tragedies for every price…
Because we are afraid of our own emotions…

When I heard again that song…
When I was young, sung by Shirley Bassey.

I asked myself, how could she so greatly express the song with all of the subtle emotions for every word?

Because Shirley Bassey is so passionate about that song…

She knows how costly a life is when lived passionately…
She had to pay many tragedies for her passionate life.

And she knows that most people never have flourished,
never have expressed their life fully…

Do we need to become great stars to express our emotions fully and to be passionate like her?


Let tell me, a little bit about myself….

My childhood was hell, I was daily, body, and emotionally abused…
Even worse, for the first 3 months of my life, I was in quarantine…
Quarantine is torture and not only for a baby!!! –

When I died and left my body at 21 years old, – Near Death Experience…
I realized that I was completely wrong because I was suffering like crazy and could not express my sadness or cry…

After 5 years later, I became a disciple of Bhagwan/ Osho
I learned to express my emotions fully.

I learned to do what I liked at most…
To love… to do Tantra.

God knocked on my door.
Then my first God experience through our love, even I was an atheist.

We got a miss carriage.
Tremendous suffering.
I kept going forwards and got a teacher who convinced me to do the exercises for the Kundalini.

Did I have any choices?
So, I did…
Afterward, I was over 10 years in meditation retreats…

Regardless of what I did in my life, I was convinced.

Even it was wrong.
Even it looked bazaar.
Even it was mad.
Even I didn’t have any chance.
Even I lost.
Even I was honest.
Even I suffered so much.
Even I failed.

Why should be tragedies or suffering be bad?
You never can be passionate, if you try to avoid tragedies or to abandon your life values!

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