Does the jail make us better?

It depends… on the prison…
Mostly the jail makes the people worse…

Consider that more than 50% of the prisoner have
mental and physical illnesses,
are addicted,
have traumatic Childhood, and
all kind of madness…

In the previous Communist Countries like Burma, China, Vietnam… didn’t exist a jail the only one penalty was death penalty…
The person who was criminally engaged got 2 times warnings and then he got the death penalty…

Did this death penalty for every crime help to keep the crime at an absolute minimum?
Would this work also today?

In Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia is a death penalty for owning, selling, and taking drugs…
In these countries, the crime connected with and for getting drugs is at an absolute minimum.
In Singapore or Malaysia is every couple of years only one death execution for drugs…

Think over how huge is a drug-crime everywhere else.
Addicted people have to do crimes to afford their drugs…

If we see that over 50% of the prisoner have a mental disease, instead to do Therapy. –


Most of all people would not do any therapy for resolving their mental diseases.
Even the best Therapies will not work if the patients are not surrendering to 100% to this therapy!

If you do not want to change, therapy cannot help!

For instance, drug addiction…
My friend was addicted; is today a therapist for drugs and is working at the biggest Drug Therapy center in Bremen.

After 6 weeks to 9 months staying in this addiction hospital, the success quote for their paid addiction therapy:

50% of the patients are cured or for at least 3 years free of addiction…
25% are taking suicide,
25% are not cured.

Most of all jails are a violation of human rights…

The staff of the prison is well known for their violence; – this means:
body and mental abuse,
drug trading …

Who is more criminal the prisoner or the staff of the prison?

The prisoner cannot trust any person,
is getting harder and feels less,
is getting more violent,
learns bad behavior,
is isolated and,
Is harder to integrate into society afterward…

What speaks for the prison?

The prison penalty prevents crime.
The criminal people cannot harm people when they are in the prison…
During prison time, Prisoners should be trained and educated, so that they can work and learn to use their time wisely.
The prisoner should also work…
There should be a religious service to make the Prisoner better.
Therapy, meditation, and yoga should be in every prison.

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