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There doesn’t exist spiritual enlightenment!

It might be very provoking for you to read!

What is enlightenment? When a guy is getting enlightenment, his ego will be destroyed and be transformed to the divine. Afterward, his whole life will emerge in the divine, everything would be selfless, and he would have no Ego anymore!

In the last months of his life, Osho (Bhagwan) finally admitted that: The Ego could not be destroyed, only “observed.”

Krishnamurthy said simple, there is no enlightenment.

Sri Aurobindo said until we have a body, we have an Ego.

The Srimad Bhagavatam said, there exist nobody on this planet, who doesn’t have all three Gunas. All three Gunas are an ego, we can only improve our ego.

And there is nothing mentioned on the enlightenment in the Srimad Bhagavatam or other old religion books, for instance, the famous Sufi book: The conference of the birds.

Ramakrishna said we can’t kill this rascal of Ego. Instead, we use our Ego to serve God. Ramakrishna remained his whole life humble and said about himself, that he is only the servant of the servants of God. That means Ramakrishna served his devotees and his devotees should serve God.

Why we can’t destroy our Ego or a part of our Ego? Because our ego is so hard-wired into our brain and our whole body. For instance, if we speak, we use our ego, without ego, we can’t talk. We can not guarantee to survive without Ego.
We can free us from our ego and connect with the divine for a particular time.- With Meditation, dancing, music, chanting is this possible.
Through the spiritual path, we can lose a part of our attachments to our ego. We can’t get rid of all of our attachments! This means we all have to monitor and improve our ego our whole life, and that forget these so called enlightenment people, avatars. They become arrogant and ignorant of their ego, greedy and fall from their spirituality.

The next lie is to transform our sexual drive. Our brain is mainly focused on procreation because nature needs children. What is if we live in celibacy? Then we suppress our sex drive with our mind. What we suppress that will grow. After some time, our suppressed sex can cause diseases, can get perverted or simply explode in craving of sex. I by myself could live easy in Celibacy for 10 years because I raised up my energy from my sex center!!! When I had an accident, my back could not heal, because of my suppressed sex. And then I have healed my back with my sex energy (Chi Gong, Mantak Chia).

All these great famous Gurus at least from the last 200 years have exploited and cheated the mass, not so the unknown Gurus, like Ramakrishna, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan… The great famous Gurus, Saints are making a beautiful holy show, and the insider will tell you how unholy and selfish they are! (see the books reference about the famous Gurus, written from their dearest devotees, at the end).

The spiritual enlightenment was a great marketing idea to exploit and cheat the people. The Zen masters even sold enlightenment certificates!

Nevertheless, the Enlightenment trip was necessary to motivate, to meditate and go further.

The so-called enlightenment Gurus and seriously devotees are getting over the inner path the divine inner voice. With this inner voice, they get all the information that is necessary for their specific inner path. Also, they have to obey to 100% to the divine inner voice. If they follow up, they will grow continuously on the inner path. If not, they will become evil people and will exploit others…


I by myself had the fortune to get the Kundalini/spiritual-awakening very fast, with 29 years. Since this time, I have lost my body identification (still, I keep my body healthy) got my divine inner voice and many other spiritual goodies. I have obeyed to 100% my divine inner voice. Sometimes it was/is so difficult to follow my divine inner voice, because I have to do things that are contradicting my thinking/faith system. Nevertheless, my life got better and better. For me is it so easy to get blissfully. And I can teach you that!
My video: There doesn’t exist spiritual enlightenment!

Here the insider information about Osho, for free, packed with all necessary details:

Books about Osho: Bhagwan: The God That Failed, by Hugh Milne,
Promise of Paradise: … by Satya Bharti Franklin,
Don’t kill him, by Ma Anand Sheela.

About Mata Amritananda Mai Devi: “Holy Hell: A Memoir of Faith, Devotion, and Pure Madness” by Gail Tredwell

About Sri Chinmoy: “ Cartwheel in a Sari” by Jayanti Tamm

A book about Maharaji Guru: Without the Guru: How I took my life back after thirty years, by Dr Michael Robert Finch (Chauffeur from Maharaji)

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