Don’t chase happiness.

There are only 2 kinds of people who don’t feel psychology emotional pain!
1. The psychopath
2. The dead person

Besides that, pain is for everybody!

A happy life is not to be happy all the time!

Different religious systems are selling full-time happiness… Enlightenment/Moksha/Paradise…
Those are just fake!
Selling dreams and delivering B. S..

We learn to accept, and even embrace painful emotions, that is our goal to live a happy life.

We learn how our painful emotions are connected to us, our goals, our dear ones, and our life.

Happiness through hardship…

If we become stronger by hardships then we profit from them…
For instance, we can train our muscles through weight lifting and then our muscles become stronger…
What happens with our traumas?
If we experience the pain of our traumas, we become stronger and happier…

So more we release our negative suppressed emotions so happier we are.

I have done a lot of encounter groups, even with the most demanding therapists…
We should go, regardless of what, in our worst and strongest negative emotions and encounter with our strongest negative feelings our partners in that group…

… Afterward, the group was full of intense love!

If people chase happiness as a life goal, they become unhappier…

I have done so also, but I could understand soon, that until I cannot feel my negative emotions, I cannot be happy.

Instead, I was chasing to release my negative suppressed emotions to become happy and to be open to love.
And that works.
How I discovered that?
I was set up for taking care of kids between 2 and 4 years old…
If the kids cannot release their negative emotions, they become depressed.

A vessel filled with happiness is built out of sorrow. (Quote Aurobindo)

The first step, release your negative suppressed emotions!
Open up your heart for the divine and for everything!

What cannot kill us makes us stronger!

Instead, to avoid pain, which is even more painful, we open up and say yes to ourselves, our suffering and develop empathy, mercy, and love.


Until we don’t understand the law of polarity, we don’t understand emotions.
We embrace all negative emotions from ourselves and from all people.

That makes us free to enjoy our emotions.

Until we value any emotions as negative, we cannot enjoy our life.

We develop gratitude for everything that is coming to us, even if it is a hardship…

In the end, we learn from hardship the most…

Everything is Good!

For instance, when my entire body was paralyzed through a cardiac arrest…
I repeated again and again: Thank you, my Lord…
No doctor could help me…
Then I remembered the movie The Secret…
I visualized going home by myself…
With the help of God, after 6 hours, I stand up…
Still, I had to go to another hospital to check my brain…
It was such a nightmare, but it was also exciting!
Still, my eyesight was not normal, I fixed that later…

We can enjoy every weather…
There is no bad weather, only the wrong clothes. (Quote of an Advertisement)

We have 5 areas in our life that we can develop to become a fully functioning human beings:

Sport, Yoga, Qigong, Music, Dancing…
With these activities, we can relax and recover from our stress.
These activities are fun and make us stronger.

We learn every day something new to what we relate positively. Those who are not curious about life and ask questions will die earlier.
Do not grow old, no matter how long you live.
Never cease to stand like curious children before the Great Mystery into which we were born. (Quote Albert Einstein)

We develop great relationships that are even often painful.
We spend quality time with people who we are caring for and who are caring for us.

A purpose in our life.
We are driven by something that makes sense for us, to go up in the morning and endure the pain for that.
Without purpose, we cannot function well and we will die earlier.

We develop a connection to the divine/God. If we connect to God, then we experience peace in the mind, love, and bliss. And so, we enjoy more our life, and life makes sense, instead, to chase worldly happiness like a dog/vulture…



My Video: Don’t chase happiness.

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