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Episode 16, how I got paralyzed?

I was lying in a hospital in Krabi, Thailand, my entire body was paralyzed … I could not believe that this had happened to me… I was 56 years old, and my body was fit and in top condition, able to compete in the mountains or swimming; in other words, my body was total healthy… and now this? I have been a raw food vegetarian (only fruits, vegetable, and nuts) for over 25 years, so a heart attack or stroke would be impossible because my blood is too thin for that…

The hospital staff was treating me like a piece of wood because I could not defend myself anymore. I thought about poor old people and how they get treated the same way… I had only one desire to go home… But how? To die would be better and easier… when you can’t feel anymore…

1. During the entire time, I was repeating the name of God, so I remained relaxed.
2. I have faith in God, so I was also thinking: thank you, God, that I was still alive.
3. I had the desire to help people on their inner path, meaning that I still had a mission to live.

After some time I remembered the movie “The Secret”, there was an episode with a guy who had an airplane crash, still alive, his body entirely paralyzed, nobody could help him; he had the single desire to leave the hospital, and 7 months later on Christmas… he did it!

How had this happened to me? That morning, I was using the toilet, and I saw that my eyes were swollen from the removal of the antifouling from the hulls of my catamaran… I felt quite bad, so I went back to bed, and then I experienced a fever attack, I could hardly make it to the bed. I was lying down, and then I decided that I needed help. So I phoned a friend of mine at 7 o’clock in the morning and asked her to please take me to the hospital… She said she had to take Oscar (her baby) to a friend’s house first… in less than 10 minutes she was at my home with Oscar, and I could barely make it to her car, my body was so weak.

Fortunately, where is a will there is a way!

Then She was driving, and I got something like a stroke as I would touch 500 electric volts… I could not see anymore… she realized what was happening to me and went into panic mode… I could hear the screeching tires, the accelerating of the car, then came a second jolt/stroke, and my body became paralyzed.

I asked where we were… she said to wait just a moment, then the third stroke hit, and my entire body was paralyzed…

The nightmare was just beginning, all the tests, including scanning of my brain, to assess the loss of oxygen to the brain, and the possible damage… I was in intensive care so they could not help me anymore. The staff was asking for money. They asked if I had enough money for the emergency ambulance ride to Phuket (2 ½ hours ride)

I wanted to go home and not to Phuket…my body was aching, I was laying on a hard plastic emergency bed…

I thought if the guy in “the secret” could do it, I as a highly spiritual being could too. I visualized leaving the hospital on my own feet… so I did 7 hours later… Still, I had to go to Phuket to be examined… they found out that it had been a cardiac arrest through cardiac arrhythmia which meant there was too less oxygen going to the brain… before that, I never was aware that I had a little heart rhythm problems.

When I left the hospital, an old friend, Oskar, called me from Germany, he rarely called me (was it just a coincidence?)… I told him briefly what had happened, and he said: Again? I often made jokes about his hardships in life, because he had broken nearly every bone in his body, was a stunt man, a slaughter and a super agent (sabotage, espionage, killing) for the army. I understood I was not better than him, I had already been clinically dead 3 times, and faced death 4 times in the past 12 years… so what? He tried to make me laugh… yes I was quite traumatized.

Now we analyze this case.
1. I swim very fast every day for 30 to 40 minutes like a professional swimmer… it is hard to beat me!
2. I meditate every day for 2 hours.
3. I practice Chi Gong, stretching, and self massage every day for 1 hour.
4. I eat a raw food diet (only vegetable and fruits) for over 25 years, my body is in excellent condition!
5. My body is athletic, 192cm, and 74Kg.

Some days later, another friend asked me again and again what the reason for the cardiac arrest was. I was in a helpless situation 2 weeks ago, and that had caused the cardiac arrest.

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