Face your negativity


We are facing big problems and then we continuously think on the bad outcome instead to have a clear precise focus on the solution.

We want to focus our mind on the solution, but we can’t. Because we are overwhelmed by the problems and are afraid to mess even more up when we decide or act wrong…

All these suppressings of negativity through positive thinking will make everything worse…

So more we are involved in thinking negatively so more we attract the negative. And if we suppress the negativity with positive thinking we even attract much more the negative outcome.

When we are facing the negative thoughts they will lesser after some time and we lose the identification with that negative outcome. Thinking negatively is better than suppressing our negative thoughts.

It is since over 10 years, science proved and since 1000 of years proved through meditation that the feelings are creating our thoughts and the thoughts can’t create feelings. The brain science found out there is only a one-way road between feelings and thoughts and also the clinical psychologists confirmed that.

What is the cause of our negative thoughts?

Our mind wants to protect us and that is positive. At average 80% of our thoughts are fear driven or to avoid pain and only 20% of our thoughts are pleasure driven…

And here starts the problem, we don’t need to be afraid because almost we are not facing our death. Why we can’t enjoy pain or why we don’t care for pain like for instance the Indians in India or South America, 20 years ago? Life would be much easier.

What are the solutions?

1.) Breath deep in your negativity so that the negative feelings are coming up and with breath out, you release the negativity. Do it until the negativity is gone.

2.) Write down for 15 minutes all of your negative thoughts regardless if they repeat or are nonsense… just keep writing. Then read them, prioritize them what is the worst put on place number 1. For every negative thought, we write down the worst outcome. We feel that and the negativity is done. Don’t look for solutions. Be negative.

If this is done the solutions will come by itself the next days.

3.) My favorite. I love it! Be for 45 minutes (put your timer on 45 minutes) negative. Get the most depressing music and play it for that time. I have done it with “Koyaanisqatsi” by Philip Glass, awesome music! And then be as negative as possible, exaggerate your negativity as much as possible. Be the worst complainer and the most negative person in the galaxy, nobody should be able to compete with your negativity. It is absolutely forbidden to think positive or to laugh. If you do so punish yourself!!! And then dance for 10 minutes. Do this for 1 month… Your life will be transformed.

4.) Make exhausting sport that will change your mind.

5.) Build your enemies a throne. (Sufi proverb)
Make every day a grateful list and make even for your spouse a grateful list.
Regardless how wicked your enemies, parents, colleagues or spouse are, find for every person the good thing,- why you are thankful for them. And regardless what happens to you, think Thank You…That will transform your life.

My Video: Face your negativity https://youtu.be/9HzkDg8uW3w
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/rudizimmerer/5/Face+your+negativity.mp3

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