Fear makes you think wrong!

If the teacher is making a mistake and one pupil has mentioned that, then all the other pupils are moping that honest pupil.

And that will never change.

That means that the Authority can do what they want with us!

In our school we have learned these 2 rules:

1. The teacher is always correct.
2. If the teacher is wrong apply rule number 1.

How can you be innovative or think out of the box if you?

1. Cannot think beyond of your wrong assumption that you have learned?
Even you don’t know what are assumptions and what is true! Question everything to gain the truth!
2. Cannot accept to be wrong?

People who are not open for critics remain stupid!!!

People think that intelligence is something that we can learn to answer some question…

Intelligence paired with fear is like a bird with broken wings…

Fear is a bad guide!

True intelligence is based on fearlessness and intuition.
Learned knowledge can help… but with fear is learned knowledge useless…

Imagine you have fears and have studied aerodynamic and aircrafts… You are sitting in an aircraft and then heavy winds caused the aircraft to roll and tumble. Because you have learned aerodynamic and aircrafts you imagine that your aircraft will have an accident and you die…

Fear makes you think wrong!

So more knowledge you have so more you suffer when you have fear!

When my friends studied medicine and learned the different diseases they checked always if they would have that disease… And many times, they even imagined to have that disease!

True intelligence is always based on fearlessness!!!

Until you have fear You cannot think correctly.

My Video: Fear makes you think wrong! https://youtu.be/06GvWdHix2M
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/6/Fear+makes+you+think+wrong.mp3



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