Females must be feminine!


‘It’s a man-made world’ (James Brown)

Females like to copy the bad behavior of males and lose their attractive charm…

If I see, for instance, the 79 years old Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the USA- Parliament and President Trump…

Nancy always is feminine, even in the worst encounters with this rude Trump… And Trump looks stupid, …maybe he is stupid…

We see the same with Germans Challenger Angela Merkel, even with the rude women hater and arrogant Turkish President Erdogan… Merkel remains a woman, and counteracts in a feminine way, regardless of how worse Erdogan is abusing her… And after all of Erdogan’s insults, she gets her contracts … She never retaliates, she forgives…

The same we can see with the new EU Parliament President Ursula von der Leyen…
Maybe it is a coexistent, Ursula and Nancy are mothers who have 7 or 5 kids.

Why can make mothers such a courier? Even they are feminine females?

And when I remember British Prime minister Margaretha Thatcher, an awful person that was more like a man than the entire British Parliament… I must admit that is not difficult…

If I see these men haters, called feminists, who always act in a double moral…

I have made a lot of therapy to become the man I like to be… And on the way, we had to express our hate against women, or our mother and the females did the same with the opposite sex….

Become a woman that loves to be a female or a mother, like Angela, Nancy, or Ursula …

Why should a female fight like a man?
Why should a female not use her inherited female charm to convince?
Why can’t a Woman lead people in a female way? Nancy, Angela, and Ursula can!

And females get all these terrible female diseases… Because they don’t like to be female or they act as a male!

My Video: Females must be feminine! https://youtu.be/PNkmFDGKEdQ
My Audio on Podcast: RELAX WITH MEDITATION or see link in the end.
My Audio: https://rudizimmerer.s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/5/Females+must+be+feminine.mp3

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