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For 7 days try something new.

From Dr. Joe Dispenza

To eliminate or do 1-3 things differently every day.
And we do this every day for 7 days.

We would like to feel healthier, more lively, more loved. What are these things?

Most people go up and check social media… and that is bad.

Because the other people will so control your day and your motivation and work productivity will suffer for at least 30%…

The people drive to work the same way, do the same things…
They are programmed and have lost their freedom.

Instead, you start your day with this simple question:

What is the greatest ideal of myself that I can be today?

Your body/subconsciousness responds like this: Well, you got to get a cup of coffee… I am tired…

You are not the mind/habit/programs.

You decide to answer this question….and afterward, you get your coffee, You are going to obey!

Every time you convince yourself to answer your question is a victory and you change so some aspect of yourself.

Write down 4 thoughts that you are going to stay conscious of the whole day.

No excuses: I can’t, it is too hard…

You will be surprised the moment you become conscious of what thoughts you have.

Write down 4 things you want to change.

How do you act?

Do you complain, do you blame, do you make excuses, do you feel sorry for yourself?

-That is a victim consciousness.

What emotions do you live by?

Is it possible that you are so used to living by guilt, even if you don’t know that it is guilt?

Become conscious of that things and review them and say… This is the old self.

And then say:
What thoughts do I want to fire and wire my brain? And do that and start feeling that.

What behaviors will I demonstrate today?
What choices will I make?
Rehearse them the whole entire thing.

Begin to install the neurological hardware in your brain.
And if you keep installing it, the hardware is going to become software.

Can you teach your body emotionally, what your future is going to feel like before it’s made manifest?

And don’t get up until you feel that!
Practice that for a few days.

And then see if you can stay in that state.
And watch all of a sudden all of those weird doors start opening for you.
That is called Synchronicities (Dr. Jungk)

Take some time at the end of your day, before you lay down, and give thanks for your life and feel gratitude.

Gratitude means you get something.
Gratitude is the ultimate state of receiving.
There are 1200 different positive responses of your body for gratitude….
So you change with gratitude.

Feel for 10 minutes of gratitude with all of your heart to change your life.

3. Take time whenever it is.
Sit down and close your eyes, and begin to just open your awareness to the space around you and just sense it and pay attention to it and become more aware of it.


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