For what we need intelligence?

Common sense is enough!!

I by myself have only an IQ from 120… and still, I am intelligent enough because I use my common sense in every area of my life… and more is not necessary!

What is common sense?

There was a Catholic priest, and a farmer went nude swimming in a lake. After some time a group of girls was coming… What to do? The farmer and the priest went in a rush out of the lake and were running towards the house. The Priest covered his sexual organs with his hands, and the farmer said: Cover your face your prick nobody knows!

There was a professor on a ship and was lecturing his knowledge. The ship crashed into a reef. The professor could not swim. A student asked the professor for what are your knowledge is good, if you can’t swim?
It is not common sense to use our common sense. Here starts the problem.

If we can solve a problem through thinking, then this is not a problem, and if we can’t solve the problem through thinking for what is thinking. Relax.
– Tibetan proverb

  1. If we think that a healthy lifestyle is not necessary;
  2. if we trust our doctors and can’t see that they have rather no reason to make us healthy;
  3. if we still think to chose what is comfortable (TV, no workouts, to be lazy) instead to chose what is good (to do what will help us to become better, healthier, happier) then for sure our common sense had failed.

Intelligence has something to do, that we act, or that we ask ourselves is what the politician, leaders are saying really true. Who will profit from it? Are my doubts correct? Would it better to give this a chance? Should I change my life, because of…

If there is a politician or great leader speaking, the common sense is switched off. Intelligent thinking has to do that we are FREE and FEARLESS think!!! Because: Fear is a bad adviser. And through our Fear, we switch off our thinking and common sense!!!! The other attribute of intelligence/common sense is to be honest. If we can’t be honest, we can’t be intelligent. A person who can think in every direction with honesty regardless how dangerous might be his ideas (for the conservative people, or stupid mass) has more common sense and far more intelligence than a genius.

There was a well in a desert, that was poison. One guy recognized that and warned the people… Don’t drink the water otherwise you get stupid!!!
In the end, everybody drank that poison water became stupid (like the today mass). The guy who had warned the people had the choice to get executed or to drink that poison water (like Jesus, Mohamed, Cassandra …).

My video: For what we need intelligence?

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