Get it perfect or die…

This is total nonsense…

We learned when we do something on the internet we need

Customers, leads.
Revenue, profit
To become famous.

How is it, if we skip all these B.S. and do the things that are fun?

In the years, I have heard even from friends:

How bad is my English, nobody can understand me?
For sure I am unpopular.
I have no chances.
I cannot make money on the internet.
So as usual, I failed?

How could I fail when I have my fun with the things that I do?

Beside that google my name…

My publisher and my friends in my Facebook group wanted that I do also podcasting.

I tried to make that work with WordPress, no chances!

Finally, I made it work, with my old blogger account from google and with Feedburner and Amazon storage.

My podcast became a flop on iTunes as I had predicted it…

Who likes to hear a German with a big German accent trying to speak English?

I didn’t care at all…

When I changed my Themes for my website to the fastest Theme, Astra, my WordPress blog suffered because I could not include a Blog search…

I took my old Google-Blogger, customize it and integrated it on my website…

And then I googled my name to look if I can find my google blogger…

No, but…

Guess my Podcast is popular in Namibia and also what I read in Tunisia…

Have fun with things that you do…

And be imperfect and so as you are!

My video: Get it perfect or die…
My audio:


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