Get rid of your Internet EGO

We are going on a website and after some time a window is covering the site and demanding our name. And that is very aggressive and for sure not promoting.

What I don’t like, that other people do to me I don’t do to other people. And so we should do it also on the Internet (Jerry Banfield, Udemy founder)

The Build Listing Marketing Strategy is not working anymore. Because people open in average only 2% of their emails.
Only the buyer’s list is selling. You need to build up a buyer list and the “for free list” is not working since 2014. |(Ask Gerry Roberts)

This fancy and stupid approach with this downfalling subscriber window to get attention will reduce the chance to convert people to buyers.
I personally hate such sites.

You build up a modern website with this fancy Javascript design and you get punished….

Google has changed his algorithms and promote fast, small mobile-friendly pages. Check your website with and with Google

Because google found out that the mobile phone is dominating the Internet. Most of the Internet users will not have a high Internet speed for their mobile phones in the next years. If your website needs too much time to open up, the user will not wait and stop to load your site.

My experience:
I had the server of Inmotion Host, the server slowed down. My website was not visible anymore from Google.

I optimized my website for speed and changed the server (Siteground Hosting in Singapore) for only $36/year including https. After a half year, I am on a high rank for Google in Asia, America, and Germany for the google search: Rudi Zimmerer. I have 3 times more views than ever before. My website is mobile phone friendly and not fast enough for mobile phones (google is complaining). I want 100 viewers/day for a particular created website for mobile phone users.

The owners of websites are getting cheated from great website designs. For instance: Optinmonster…. Alone the name tells me everything, Optinmonster or how to crunch the customer. Why not, “Optionvampire”, how to suck out the customer. And such great website designs are very slowly. Forget them!!!

Our customer is a dear person to us and we love to help him, said Jeff Walker (Internet strategist, P. L. Formula).

The customer wants genuine problem-solving articles and not your promoting self-image. This means you serve with great articles and only then you can also promote yourself.

See my website It is even with a language translation button that needs quite a lot of time to load. Most of my visitors are from Latin America, Ukraine, Russia. Get Google Analytics for your website to make that research…

I hope I have served you…


My video: Get rid of your Internet EGO


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