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The problem is that we are doing work that doesn’t satisfy us and then we crave for substitutes of happiness, and often choose distraction, …

Prostitutes have often a huge income and spend more money than they earn. Because they waste all of their money on some luxury food or goods… In the end, they are bankrupt.

Why are they not saving their money to build up wealth…?

The same is true for us if we choose our work to make the most money instead of choosing a work that fulfills us.

Have you seen these stingy rich people?
For instance, the Singapore people (every 8th Singaporean is a Millionaire) want everywhere in Thailand for the cheapest price, and can’t afford a good service, because it is too expensive for them.
In the massage parlors they want to pay only the half price of the regular price, and tipping never. The Thais are hating them.
At least, in Thailand, all services are only a quarter of the price than in Singapore.

Every Stingy person is poor! Because he/she is not free to spend money and is addicted to money.

Every Greedy person is poor! Because he/she has too little money to spend, even if he/she is making a lot of money.

A generous person is rich, even if he has not a lot of money!

Addiction, overspending, or identification with money is hell.

Money is a tool for:
to survive,
to enjoy,
to spend,
to give,
to donate
to save,


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