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Gut-brain connection part 1

This report will shock you… I have done my research. I looked videos for 3 hours (see links at the end) from the best sources, most the things are sciences proved. Except, I add the wisdom of the Chinese medical system to complete my research.

A.) Finally, it is proved that our guts are the second brain in our body….

B.) We gain leaky guts through Western Food or nonvegetarian unhealthy food. And through the leaky guts, we can get:
1.) Anxiety
2.) Depression
3.) Autism
4.) Dementia
5.) And our brain will be damaged over a long time….

Gut-brain connection part 2

C.) Love heals our guts and reduces our stress.
D.) Gluten-free diet.
E.) No snacks!!!
F.) Probiotic and Healthy Lactic acid (bacteria).
G.) The legendary dangerous Candida fungus.
H.) No alcohol.
I.) How to produce the most healthy yogurt with the best bacteria?

A.) Our gut work independent from our brain…

Our gut is controlling our complete digestion, this means liver, stomach, gallbladder, and pancreas.

In our gut, we have 100 of sensors, and they report to our brain…

When we eat drugs, our gut tells that our brain… or get influenced …
And even our fast food can cause depression.

The toxic in our gut influences our thinking and feelings.

Autism, anxiety, and depressive behaviors can come from unhealthy bacteria in our gut.

Any drug/medicaments can have a negative influence on our feelings and thoughts through our gut-brain connection…

Our fears can trigger our bowels to release our excrete…

If we over-analyze, then we get constipation and can’t excrete…

Stress shut up our small intestines, and so our digestion will not work correctly.

Trust your gut feelings…

If we get some sensations/ vibrations in our guts, we can check if this is related to things that we desire…

Our guts are related to the subconsciousness and super-consciousness (intuition)…

For Asian are the bowels a second brain.- We should think more with our gut instead to analyze with our mind.

For the Tao or Qigong, the guts are the battery that we can charge with energy. And if we do so, we have much more power and focus on the things that we want.

With our gut, we can heal our body;- if we apply for instance Qigong.

B.) Leaky Gut

In our colon, we have healthy and unhealthy bacteria and organism. Through unhealthy food and Stress, we kill the healthy bacteria and increase the harmful bacteria and organism in our gut.

If we would eat a vegetarian diet based on :

1.) Fruits and vegetable,
2.) non-gluten, (I explain later)
3.) no white sugar,
4.) and low fat.
5.)The best are: Broccoli sprouts kills these ((H-Pylori or Lipopolysaccharide, I explain later). Or mother breast milk.

We could even heal leaky gut and kill the dangerous organism and bacteria in our gut with this healthy diet.

When we eat unhealthy food like :

1.) Corn syrup.
2.) White sugar.
3.) Fructose syrup.
4.) Peanut butter.
5.) Meat, fish, poultry.
6.) Industrially processed food.
7.) Fast food.
8.) An average Western food based on high fat, low fiber increase to 71% the chance of leaky gut.

We will get leaky guts over the time through this food.

Leaky guts are caused when the lining of the small intestine becomes damaged by unhealthy organism and bacteria.
Through leaky gut undigested food particles, toxic waste products, unhealthy bacteria, and organism to “leak” through the intestines and flood the bloodstream.

Over the blood, the unhealthy bacteria and organism reach our brain and damage or influence it.

In our brain, we have a Blood Barrier that protects the brain from unhealthy bacteria and organism. If the harmful organism (H-Pylori or Lipopolysaccharide) from the Colon/stomach go in the blood and break the Blood Barrier of the brain (Protection of the brain against unhealthy bacteria), the harmful bacteria can enter the brain and damage it.

25% of Americans are suffering from mental disorder/diseases like depression, anxiety

36% of autism have leaky guts,

Through the leaky gut, we can get:

1.) Anxiety.
2.) Depressive symptoms.
3.) Cognitive deficits.
4.) And in the end, our brain gets damaged.

It is easy to see that this fits many old people…


For instance, a baby got antibiotic for an ear inflammation and afterward showing signs of autisms. Again they gave the baby antibiotics, and the autism disappeared…
After the first treatment of antibiotic, unhealthy bacteria came in the Colon and changed the behavior of the baby…

And today, it is proved if we inject in a rat specific harmful bacteria, the rat gets depression,…

Our gut produces also the vitamin B12.

Stress is the worst!

Through stress, the small intestines are shutting down and can’t function properly to absorb the nutrition and to produce vitamin B12. Even more under stress the unhealthy bacteria and organism increase.

If we eat a wide variety of anything, our digest system gets confused, and so the small intestines can’t work correctly….

Eat simple dishes and don’t look for a variety.

The stomach also has very much influence on the healthy gut flora…

The acid of the stomach should be PH2.
If our stomach is over PH2 (less acid), it can’t kill most of all unhealthy bacteria and organism…

When you reduce with soda the acid of the stomach, the unhealthy bacteria and organism like H-Pylori can enter the small intestines and can go so in the blood.

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Next week part 2.

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