Heal neuropathy or nerve damage.

Millions of Americans suffer from peripheral nerve damage or neuropathy.

It happens from bad posture, poor ergonomics, chronic injuries, diabetes, and chemotherapy patients.

It also happens to people suffering from auto-immune diseases, certain viruses, and nutrition problems.

Sometimes you develop it just because you’re aging or menopause.

The symptoms are:
Nerve hyper-sensitivities.
Your skin may go numb and you can’t tell hot from cold.
You can’t feel your feet and it’s hard to even walk.

After 6 weeks the nerves are protected and the symptoms subside.

I had somehow nerve hyper-sensitivities, like tingling… And after 2 days the symptoms were gone.

I will share this Vitamin-like chemical (alpha-lipoic acid) that is proven to help heal damaged nerve cells.


For healing the nerves take alpha-lipoic acid 300-600mg/Daily

You can take it with or without food

My Video: Heal neuropathy or nerve damage. https://youtu.be/NNQMoKAdCWY
My Audio: https://divinesuccess.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/Podcast2/Heal-neuropathy-or-nerve-damage.mp3



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