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Healthy probiotic from fermented Mango Chutney

Good to add to our green smoothie.
The normal chutney is not healthy…
What is if we replace the vinegar in Mango Chutney with fermentation?
We need for 1.5l Mango Chutney:
1 mason pot and a clamping cover with a rubber ring 1.5l or something adequate that is air-sealed.
2-3 Kg ripe, soft, not soft Mangoes and 400g ripe bananas…
2-4 Tablespoon BROWN Sugar (never use white sugar, put it in the garbage) to make it sweet and the probiotic bacteria should eat that brown sugar instead of our fruit sugar in the Mangoes.
2 Teaspoon Turmeric/Cumin that yellow stuff that kills unhealthy bacteria to protect our chutney.
30 to 50g Ginger… again protection and as a spice.
1 Teaspoon ground green Cardamom again protection and as a spice
4 cloves
1 Teaspoon unheated soybean paste/Miso with all of the probiotics as a starter.
Normal-bought Miso is heated and doesn’t have probiotics inside.
Check that … I buy Soybean paste from Daesang in this brown package (Sunchang Doenjang)
If you don’t get this Soybean paste, skip it and add 3g salt to the Chutney.
Put the ginger, sugar, turmeric, Soybean paste, cloves, and sugar in an electric blender, add some water to it, and blend it.
Then you peel the Mangoes, cut them into small pieces, add our blended spices to them, mix them well, and put them in a mason pot.
We press our mango pieces down so that there is no air in between our mango pieces and the juice will go up to the top of that jar…
Close that Manson jar with a rubber ring and clamping cover so that it is air-sealed.
Then air pressure will be produced by the fermentation and press our chutney down…
Let it ferment outside in
Hot climate 5 to 7 days
For normal climate up to 3 weeks…
Put the chutney afterward in a refrigerator.
If you don’t open the jar, you can keep it for a year in the refrigerator.
When you open the jar, you can eat it for at least 2 weeks, by keeping it in the refrigerator.
You can try this recipe also with other fruits.
Finish, enjoy.
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