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Love each other and do what you like at best. (Bible)

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We should live our sexual desires, regardless what, as long we do not harm others or the law of our country. Nearly all psychologists are agreeing with this. Why? What we suppress is getting worse. If you see all these scandals about overworked manger/VIPs’ and their perverse sex life, than you must compliant. They work and work and forget their own sex life and then such things happen. The reality is that these manager/ VIPs’ are not bad; it is just that their suppressed sex had leaded them to these deeds.

Live your Sex

When it does not work with the communication anymore then the relationship is over. The same is true for the sex in a marriage. Both partners have a sex drive, and if they have to suppress it, then the result are hate and anger. Even worse it is forbidden to live their sex outside of their marriage. You see, we have all an inner child, and this inner child wants sex. We are suppressing a big part of our personality if we cannot live our sex and even worse we have our sex partner in front of us and cannot make love with them. So the partner who doesn’t like to make love is rejecting his partner and this will lead to hate, anger, depression, and fear to lose the partner.

We know all these power trips to control the sex life in order to control the spouse and then the whole relationship is getting worse.
The reasons for women are:

1.The women want that the men have to fulfill their desires. The best example: the reason to buy a diamond for a woman is to 80% sex.

2.Through their childhood women are getting conditioned that sex is impure and after some time when the love is over, then they feel really very bad to have sex with their spouse. I see only one solution, if you have a bad consciousness, feel guilty or fear to make love then go to a therapist otherwise the relationship is getting very worse. You harm yourself, your family and your spouse with these….

3.The sex life isn’t fulfilling because the man is ejaculating too early, too less love or too less time.

4.Through a total surgery of the uterus, other diseases or very much stress is the sex drive down.

Some husbands don’t like to sleep with their spouse the reasons might be:

1. Fear for intimateness
2. Fear that they depend on their spouse and so that their spouse is controlling their life.
3. Too much stress
4. Impotency
5. Fear that they can’t make their spouse orgasms.
6. Fear to fail in the bed…
7. Bad consciousness, feel guilty, fear of sex….

Please see a therapist to save your relationship and your family for all these reasons.

It is quite normal that after some time a couple is together the love and sex is getting fewer. So then we should be more creative and flexible in our sex live and really looking why our love is getting lesser.

Worldly love has two poles Love and Hate. In the beginning of our love we perceive only love and suppress our negative feelings against our partner, in order to love more. Then the other pole is coming and we get court up, in argue…. So we should work on our negative feelings without blemish our partner.

A joke: an old Muslim is praying in the Mosque: Oh Allah you have taken away my sexual potency, please take also away my desire for sex otherwise I get crazy.

So older we grow so less sexual potency we have; and still the same desire for sex. Before we regret, that we did not have enough sex in our life, live it. We can improve our sex potency if we make Dao exercise and massages from Mantak Chia or a good fasting cure with colon cleaning. I recommend the colon cleaning from Blessed Herbs.

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