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Holistic Healing Might Be The Solution You’re Looking For

We all have Energetic imprints, that affect our lives negatively.
These Energetic imprints are caused by traumas.

A trauma harms:
Our physical health.
Our relationships.
Our business.

A trauma becomes an energetic imprint that constricts our energy to express what is inside of us.
So that we can’t express fully our emotions and love.
Then we sacrifice our true self for security so that we don’t feel what is inside…

How safe we feel in our body dictates everything.

Because we have to adapt to this scary situation at home to survive.
We hold back our emotions… because we want security.
We hold back our energy and constrict them in order to suppress our anger…
This is our energetic imprint.

For instance, we become a people pleaser.

This people-pleaser attitude that he/she developed to find security is caused by suppressed emotions/anger and affects his/her entire life…

When we suppress our negative emotions, then we suppress also positive emotions.

Until we express our negative emotions we can’t feel fully our positive emotions like love, joy…

Even worse through suppressed emotions, we get diseases. Most chronic diseases are caused by traumas.

For instance, suppressed anger causes inflammation and allergies.

Every suppressed emotion for a long time will compensate in the body by an energetic constriction and that causes diseases like cancer…

Every addiction like obesity causes chronic diseases…

If we are stressed, then we should ask for the reason…
Most stress is caused by anxiety and anger.

For instance, our boss demands too much from us and is yelling.
We are afraid to yell and hold back our anger because we are afraid to get fired.
And we are afraid to get things done…
The anger and anxiety build up tension in our bodies. The emotions restrict our energy and cause so diseases…

We rather avoid everything that doesn’t contribute to us positively.

Solution: We talk to our inner child and ask it how does it feel?

If you grew up and didn’t feel safe.
For instance, your mother or father was an alcoholic.
This you will feel in your entire life… You feel unsafe…
So you have to work on your traumas.
Otherwise, you can’t really love.

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