How can I keep my long term goals?

I come across again and again with People who fail on their healthy lifestyle and all the other goals… And I hardly know anybody who keeps his longterm goals!

And I don’t have such problems to keep my goals…

What are the problems?

At the beginning of the goal-setting, most of the people are very enthusiastic. After 4 weeks, it starts to become more and more difficult….

Before we start with any goal-setting, we need to be convinced to 100%…

If we understand a pendulum …

A pendulum is swinging from one side to the other side…
And so our mind….

First, we are enthusiastic/ overeager to have a new goal, and after some time our mind is going in the other direction of being lazy/ frustrated…

So more we are excited so more we will be frustrated later…


Make a worry list before you set any goal
Prioritize the worst outcome…

Make a doubt list
Prioritize the worst.

Make a positive outcome list:
Ask yourself:

Why is your goal good?
For what you need this goal?
Does your goal serve you long term?
Does your goal fit you?
Does God/divine want that you set this goal?
Do you have any ideal who has done it already which you can follow?

If you like to give up…
Read your positive outcome list.
Ask yourself:

Why do you want to give up?
How many times you have given up already?
Why don’t you want the benefits of your goal setting?
Why do you want to follow the mass/ society/ friends instead to get what you want?
Is it not worth to rebel against the norm of society?
Is there any Hero/ Ideal/ Inventor who hasn’t lived his/her life independently…?

Become a member of a group which has the same desires as you.

Be together with same minded people.
Remember you are the average of the people which you are close together…
If your family, spouse, friends don’t have such goal, they will hinder you from keeping your goals…

It is better to be alone than to be together with the wrong people for your goal setting.

Never the less you need a personal connection to people to share your emotions, problems…
If your personal relationships are not serving your goal, then avoid speaking about your goals…

For instance, you can work in a different area than your friends and still keep your friendships …

The biggest struggle is to keep a religious or healthy lifestyle when you are living with people together who are living the opposite…

I have never seen that this will work out for a religious or healthy lifestyle…

My first priorities are a religious and healthy lifestyle… And so I can keep them!

It is okay for me to live with the wrong people for a year…
And it always ended before that one year! Because it doesn’t fit!

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